Thursday, February 7, 2019

Dark Times

I am sick at heart. In my wildest imagination I never thought I would see the day that precious life become so meaningless.

The world of modern politics is so far from the founding Fathers and the brave women beside them that wrestled famine, flood and disease to build this country.

A baby was the future, hope, dreams and everything to be treasured as families spread across the country.  Infant mortality was high but babies were mourned deeply when they died.  To treat them like the Pro Abortion movement of today would make those women rise up in agony.
I have watched women celebrate with cheers as they legislated late term abortion. Women  are the nurturers, women who are supposed to care and love children.

What has happened to the desire to love and protect the littlest ones, the helpless ones, the one who are innocent to adult games. Who have no protector in the womb.

I watched the State of The Union given by President Trump. The women dressed in white and refused to acknowledge any of the good that has happened in the last year but then rising to dance when The President said more women were elected than ever before, glorying in their power,  all I could I could think of was their support of bills that allow babies to be aborted at the last moment of pregnancy.  When President Trump spoke of ending the horror of late term abortions, one Democrat, a man, stood in support and the women glared at him with such looks of hate it haunts me.

I have lived all my life beleiving in my ability to work in Ranching and Farming. I have done heavy work that was normally mans work. In 1977 I was the first woman hired by a big farm in Saskatchewan. I earned my place by working hard. I made choices and lived by them. I beleive in a womans right to choose but also to take full responsibility for decisions you make.

Women can choose any number of birth controls, they are readily available. Women can choose to be celibate if they don't want children. It has become much to easy to just write off a life as an inconvenience instead of the most amazing gift that can ever be given.

These last months have brought nothing but insanity from the halls of Power.  I beleive we are so very lucky to live away from the Madness but it is permeating everything. 

I pray that people will look at the baby sleeping in their crib, the toddler scattering toys all over the floor. That they will smile as they clean up the latest paint spill from finger paints  and that they will hug their teenagers before they leave for school.

Our future is our children, the gift of life and love they bring is immeasurable.

Pray for our country and pray for our children......everyone of them with the spark of life and the gift of a heartbeat.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Can you recognize Opportunity?

We are trying to be optimistic. Mike the man we have bought our Jerseys from delivered a bull this morning.

He is bred in the blue, his sire a National Champion who has sired daughters par excellence, his dam is from a long line of outstanding producers, a cow going back to one of Mike's most notable champions.

Mike was able to get this young bull from a farm in Virginia, a farm that had hit very hard times, from a terminal illness to the trends of mega dairies hurting small dairies.

We have had difficulties getting Katie in calf, AI has not worked. We talked to Mike about leasing a bull. He was sure he could find one but he felt his main sire, a 5 year old, would be too dangerous for us and our small herd.

He called last week to say he had found us a bull. This morning he delivered him.

He told us the bulls back story. " The farm was in trouble and the animals were in rough shape, but the genetics...oh man ...the genetics. Some of the very best Jersey cattle in the country."

We looked at this thin, filthy calf, he has been badly dehorned, he is covered with manure tags and we looked at each other. We have seen Mike's herd. We have Katie, Lassie and the boys. They are beautiful cattle.

Applejack was unsure getting out of the trailer but when he felt grass under his hooves he perked right up and went bucking into the corral. He saw the steers and went to sniff noses through the gate. Our pampered beasts bellowed and snorted as this scruffy stranger tried to introduce himself.

Standing next to our well cared for steers the condition of this bull became even more obvious. They are in good flesh, clean and haired up for winter. They have no bare patches where the hair has been rubbed off.

So now we have the bull....I think its a real opportunity for us to have some superior calves from our Cows. We admit though, it's mighty hard to look through condition to see this particular opportunity.

Mischief is just at the right age to breed. 

We held off AI'ing Lassie so she would be dry in late summer to calve in the fall. She needs that time to build up. Lassie will come in heat next weekend.

Katie.....well Katie is 10. We hope to get her in calf so very much. She has been on a diet as we had got her too fat and now Mike said she was in great shape to breed. She is due to cycle in 17 days.

As for Applejack...I have a hunch Mike thought of us for more than just we needed to lease a bull. He isn't charging us to use this yearling bull. I think he knows we feed well and take excellent care of our cows. He has sent Applejack to the bovine version of a Fat farm.

So now we resort to lots of good hay, a growing calf ration which will be easier on his rumen, a rumen that has been neglected.

We will keep him in a clean well bedded stall at night and see just how he does. Mike had wormed him and treated him for lice. He had held him in his quarantine barn on his farm so he poses no risk to infest our stock.

So continues our adventure. To be honest I was expecting to post lovely photos of a top quality bull, instead I am planning a feed regimen for a bovine refugee. Genetics......oh the genetics will be our battle cry.

God bless and keep you well.