Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sheep Obsession

We are so behind due to rain and more rain. We have been spending a lot of time watching the sheep graze and dealing with the rapid grass growth from the rain. It is a wonderful predicament after last years drought. However we are watching our hay degrade as it gets too ripe with no haying weather in sight. Yes Sheep therapy is needed.

So here we go.
12 ewes gave us 26 lambs. 24 survived and are thriving.
   Two ewes had triplets, 11 who had hers all by herself when we didnt expect her to. She was early (we suspect because of triplets, they were very small). She loves all three and is a very good Mom.
Specks was overdue and had triplets. They were all big lambs and the first one was sideways. I had to help and The first lamb was stillborn. The other two were just fine. I think perhaps I delayed too long in assisting her and will know better next time.
Barbados had twins, a lovely ewe lamb first... with a normal delivery. Her second was dead and had been for some hours. Genetics amaze me because the stillborn lamb was the true Barbados coloring of brown with black accents.

It was sad to loose two but that is the way of livestock. The joy outweighs the loss.





                           The Triplets

                  #12 and her Twins

                      There is a lot of bounding to find each other in the tall grass.

As you can see we continue to be blessed. Our health is good and we thank God everyday for our farm and the life it gives us. It keeps us physically active and gives us mental peace. We pray everyone is safe and managing with all that is taking place.

God Bless you all.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Bit of Normal in Crazy times.

2020 has so far been a year filled with the bizarre and disturbing. Strangely however we are finding very little changed in our day to day existance but we follow news of a world of closures, self distancing and looming food shortages.

 I love the canning and food self sufficiency Ralph and I have achieved here and our stocks of staples that we have at our fingertips. To be honest I don't think I really beleived it would be put to the test, yet here we are...thanking God for our blessings.

We have been continuing our planting and lambing is almost done. The asparagus bed gave us our first full servings of fresh spears, heavenly. Our plum trees have set fruit and the apple trees are blooming.

We have leeks and onions well started but our Irish potatos are late going in...we have had so much rain the gardens were far too wet to get into.

We naturally self isolate as there is so much to be done it keeps us healthy, happy and busy.

Will this CPP pandemic make people look at the way food is grown and sourced?

Will families take the time to actually get to know each other better?

One can only pray this is the wake up call this country needs to face perhaps its greatest challenge.

God bless you and keep you safe and healthy.