Thursday, May 17, 2018

Using Grass and Hay

We have a lot of grass, we are trying new ways to use it. Mulching for weed control is one thing we are finding it good for. We use a lot of the old round bales for this and now, with the zero turn and the bagger we are trying other things.

Last spring Ralph planted potatoes on a bed of chopped hay laid in the bottom of the trench he dug to plant the potatoes. It worked beautifully and made it so nice to dig the potatoes. They were clean and smooth and we knew the idea worked well. We are doing it again this year with old hay and dried grass clippings run through the zero turn.

This years new project, Fingerling Potatoes. The seed potatoes were laid on a bed of dried and chopped grass, then covered over until they needed to be hilled.

The Garlic is doing well, it has been mulched with old hay run under the zero turn. That initial layer of mulch has kept weeds down and Ralph is renewing it with new mulch. This mulch is hay, we mowed it with the zero turn but did not bag it but let it cure and dry. Then Ralph ran over it with the bagger and emptied the bags into the trailer, it was perfect and nice to work with. He got a really good load of it and re mulched around the garlic after fertilizing with Holly Tone.

The muck tubs are a valued tool as well, they do everything, from chilling chickens when we butcher, filling in as water troughs in paddocks and of course carrying things in bulk. Ralph filled the tub with the hay mulch and carried it to the garlic. We cannot get to this part of the east garden with the trailer.

Almost done. The mulch has stopped weeds and is adding organic material to the garden. Because it is immature hay when we cut it, it will not have any viable seed to cause problems. It is fine and very nice to work with.

It is going to be a good way to use our extra grass. It never leaves the farm and contributes to the soil where we need it to. With the cow manure we will have for fall the garden soil will steadily improve. Each  year we see a difference and it is one reason we love the challenge of building our food supply. It is more than just harvesting the crops. It is building the future.

God Bless and keep you.


  1. It's so nice to see that you and Ralph can use every bit of what you have at hand. I don't have control over my hay, so there are too many seed heads to make using it viable. I do tend to get straw and let it compost a year before using it. That has worked well.

    1. Well we don't have seeds from the hay but my oh my you should see the volunteer pumpkins. :)