Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Just a short post to say its Costata Romanesco picking season. We had the first lovely green striped and slightly ridged zucchini today. We also had fried Blossoms.  Stuffed with spicey goat cheese and cheddar and cooked in butter. I added chopped orange mint and they were tasty and interesting.

I do think have to pick early in the morning though. I picked before lunch and it was hot making the blossoms softer then they should have been but they were still so FRESH!

Costata Blossom

I suppose I have to be honest...anything involving butter and cheese should be good right?!

We are enjoying the bounty of summer and all the blessing it brings!


  1. Interesting. I have never eaten blossoms.

  2. You're darn tootin, everything with butter and cheese is wonderful! Why do you keep taunting me with your orange mint???? :)


    A good video on how to make the squash blossoms. This is a better recipe than my first try. Do look inside the blossoms for garden "wildlife'!