Friday, June 27, 2014

A Plethora of Costata Romnesco and a Dearth of sense!


High Mowing seeds variety write up:  Organic Non-GMO Costata Romanesco Zucchini - HEIRLOOM This Italian zucchini wins every taste test based on its unique, slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. Tender, gray-green skin and prominent ribbing also give this Italian variety a distinctive appearance. Great picked at 6" or smaller with the flower still attached and fried whole. (Cucurbita pepo)

Now who could resist that glowing report of Nutty Flavor and exceptional Texture! 

Johnny's Seeds  writes another glowing review!
Costata Romanesco Zucchini
Traditional Italian heirloom with the best flavor.
This distinctive zucchini is medium gray-green, with pale green flecks and prominent ribs. Big, large-leafed bush with only about half the yield of hybrids, but much better flavor; clearly better textured, nutty, and delicious, raw or cooked. Also a good producer of heavy male blossom buds for cooking.

Everywhere we look wonderful praises and superb photos of this lovely Green striped and ribbed Italian heirloom Zucchini! 

We find pretty artwork featuring Costata Romanesco, even the name sounds marvelous, it rolls off your tongue like you can actually speak Italian! OOOOO Costata Romanesco!

We have to try it of course  since we have not one gram of sense when it comes to pretty vegetables that use the word nutty.

We planted a short row with plans to thin the poorer quality plants as they germinated.  Sounds like a plan! Funny thing is the plants are so uniform and all beautiful and vigorous!  We keep putting off thinning them and marvel at how nice they are. 

This is the start of our dilemma to be!


 I love new seedlings! How can you choose?

Now today I took new photos......yes you can see where this cautionary tale is going!

Normal Zucchini

Costata Romanesco

Are they not lovely?  Seriously.......we are doomed!

What kind of idiots are we...well obviously anyone who can send recipes for summer squash please do, we will try all of them and I know we will have enough Nutty and well textured, ribbed and beautiful dusky green striped Costata Romanesco to try them all!

Oh did I tell you they have beautiful leaves with frilly edges!

They have not started to blossom yet but any day now the harvest will waiting for them to develop just chowing down on tender nutty tiny Zucchini with a beautiful golden yellow blossom. Very gourmet!

Does anyone know how to cook Zucchini blossoms? 

There is nothing like a good tale of the lack of common sense even experienced gardeners have when it comes to pretty pictures and good write ups in seed catalog's! 

Happy gardening to you all and to all a free Costata Romanesco!


  1. Darn. Well, one woman's dilemma is another's reason to be green (and nutty and frilly) with envy. I have found that neighbors' mailboxes are a great place to store the 'extras'. Until they catch on and nail them shut. You have a WHOLE lotta Costata Romanesco comin' on....

  2. I was just happy to be able to use words like Plethora and Dearth! The mailbox idea is awesome!

  3. Your Costata Romanesco looks pretty good. I deliberately didn't plant zucchini this year but our neighbor loaded us up anyway, LOL. We did try a different squash, zuchetta, which I think has a better flavor.

    I've heard the best way to cook squash blossoms is to dip them in batter and fry them.

  4. Fiona, I just discovered you've starting blogging again. Good for you! I don't find your email address here anywhere. Do you mind if I drop you a line? Thanks for giving me more to read. Now I need to catch up!