Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Watching things grow.

It is a wonderful time of year. Things are growing everywhere. I have been taking photo's of things as they grow in the garden this year and I  have a few "Favorite" Plants.

First is  an Orange Oxheart Tomato. There are two of these in the garden. It was all the seed we had and we were so lucky they both germinated.

Photo 1: First day in the garden.

We planted them on the 29th of May. The trellis wire seems way to high! 

Photo 2:  June the 9th  The Oxheart has settled in and is doing well.

You can see the Oxheart is getting down to some serious growing. That trellis still looks a long way up though!

Photo 2: June 13th    Now its getting busy and the roots have got a good start so the plant itself can get growing.

You can see how thick the stem of this plant is and that it is a vigorous tomato. They are an old Heirloom variety and of course are Indeterminate. It will be interesting to see how big it gets.

Photo 4: June 17th   This change amazed was only 4 days since the last photo and has reached the trellis!

I am enjoying this tomato plant a great deal and will keep you posted as it continues to grow.

My other favorite plant is going to be an adventure. Candyroaster Squash. I love squash and this one is huge. It can grow up to 50 pounds. What was I thinking when I said I would like to try to grow them.

The seed comes from Sustainable Mountain seed and  we planted 3 seeds and got three vigorous and large seedlings. They are planted on the corner edge of a smal garden plot and we hope to train the vines as they grow.

Photo 1: We planted them May 29th and this was taken on June 5th

They look innocent enough...nice leaves not noticeably larger than any other squash? Hummmnn

Photo 2: This was taken  on June the 9th

They are looking good. I have always liked squash plants for some reason!

Photo 3: Taken on the 13th of June.  

Well now they are showing signs of being bigger. Sometimes it is just fun to try something "silly",  I  mean who needs a 50 pound squash to  make pie with? This squash has a history!

Many people growing up in the mountains of North Georgia, Western North Carolina, and East Tennessee never ate pumpkin pies.  Their families grew pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns or for animal feed, but they themselves ate candyroasters.  Candyroasters are an excellent winter squash most likely from the Cherokee Indians.  Many people consider Candyroasters a delicacy. They can weigh up to fifty pounds and more and can be over four feet long.

They just sound like something everyone should grow at least once! I am looking forward to seeing how they do and better yet making that first Candyroaster Pumpkin Pie.....or should I say PIES!

Yes growing things is such a marvel and you learn so much too. I am going to continue to follow these plants and see what the end result is! My pet plants will be back soon!  Bigger and better!


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  1. Well, now you have me hooked! I will have to try them next year. I mean, who can resist a 50 lb, 4 foot squash!?! I wish I had thought to take pictures of the plants - the change can be so subtle, then WHAM! I am also interested in that tomato and will be closely watching yours... :)