Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A just for fun Post

I am still waiting for photo permissions on the hog Post. I am also canning and busy with the last of the crazy garden and Ralph has dug a row of sweet potatoes and I am pickling peppers, freezing them and dehydrating them. Busy but rewarding!

We went to get eggs on Sunday, a treat as we love to talk chickens with our farmer friend!

So just for fun lets get clucking!

 One of the favorite's from the spring chicks.

These girls are his mature birds, they arrived as downy fluff balls a year ago. They are Wyandottes.

 A pretty hen, she was enjoying weed eating!

A colorful and curious flock, what more could you ask for!

Ed the rooster.

One of Ed's offspring, crossed with a Buff Orpington hen. Eating the bugs in the strawberry bed.

An Easter Egger hen, she wondered what I was doing!

It was a wonderful visit and best of all we got our eggs, a joyful mix of colors!

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the simple things that are out there if we take the time to notice them!


  1. Oh, lucky you! Beautiful hens AND eggs! I have a couple of those blue Easter Eggers (I called them grey and was called on it). I have long conversations with my hens. Unfortunately, lately it's been all about why they hate me and won't lay eggs.

    1. I didn't realize I had not put up the Fresh Eggs daily website in my list of links to intrigue and entertain! She has a lot of great information about chickens.

  2. This set of hens give the farmer fits by being really broody! He is soft hearted and hates to break them when they get that way so now he has moved a broody hen sitting on 12 eggs into the garage! I wonder why your hens aren't laying?