Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Travelling with Turkey's

Today we took the turkey's to Cub Run...A trip of 480 miles. They are 12 days old. How do you haul young turkey's that far....better yet why?

We wanted turkey's as soon as we could get them, however the last hatch was in August so we had to get them before we were really ready. It was a chance we felt we had to take and as we sit in the garage at "home" listening to them peep and chirrup in their new pen we are glad we did.

We hauled them in the lawn mower box, it is big, 40.5 long by 17.5 deep by 27.5 wide and it fit perfectly across the flat area behind the car seat (the seat folds down).

We left at night when it was cool and the poults were sleepy and easy to catch.

We decided not to have feed or water free choice as it would be likely to tip over and be wet or mucky.

The first check was about 3 miles down the road and they were pretty nervous. Then we stopped to top up the vehicles fuel and we checked them again . They were all lying down in a group quiet and still. Not as nervous. At the next fuel stop we took time to give them water and food. They took right to both and ate and drank well. The food and water woke them up! Loud peeping turkey's behind you in a small car is an experience every one should have. We had our cell phones and Ralph called to see how I was doing....I answered: Peep, Peep, Peep!
This peeping behind me went on for almost 200 miles, until our next fuel stop.
There we got a bite to eat ourselves and again fed and watered the poults.
Did they get sleepy......Nope!

When we got to the farm we made a bigger pen for them and unloaded the still chirping turkey's.

It was wonderful to see them run and play, try to fly and to catch up on their food and water.  Now they are sleeping, scattered about the pen, they seem well but we are going to watch them closely for the next while. Time will tell.

Peep peep peep to you all.

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