Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring is in the Air

We had a beautiful day here today, I spent time between canning chicken and sneaking outside to putter around with the poultry. They seemed to be just enjoying the sun today and laying around in various places. The turkeys slept in the shade on the east side of the house, the ducks lounged in the shade in the front of the house and the chicken just slept where the urge hit them! (The cat slept inside an empty seed potato bag in the house and nearly scared me to death when I moved it and she fled!}

I thought a simple post to show you a bit of the goings on at our crazy farm.

 Ralph has been reading and researching information about saving old Apple trees. He bit the bullet and took the pruning saw out this week end and worked on our three trees. They have not been pruned in some time and really need proper trimming. He was pretty brutal but they look much better now and a lot of the bug damage is gone. Time will tell how it worked out.

 The Four Musketeer's, Turkey style. Our four Chocolate Tom's coming up from helping Ralph in the orchard. Two of these birds are going to have to be butchered soon. It was never hard for me to Butcher the broad breasted white turkey's I used to raise but these birds are so different, smarter, friendlier and just so nice!

 The ducks on alert...they can spot things way up in the air, this Cayuga was watching an airplane go over and he was quite concerned about it.

 The farmyard in the morning, pretty quiet. The poultry must have been camera shy because I know they were out there!

 Some of our seeds. It is so exciting to have enough room to plant and try the varieties we are interested it. We are learning about the soil here, the climate and the growing conditions as well as new varieties of everything we can think of! I told Ralph next year if we cannot pronounce it we cannot buy it!

Some of the first groundwork. Ralph used the power harrow on this piece, it was part of the garden that was here so it is already broken. He will be rotary plowing the lawn to the right of the broken ground this week.

Here is the power harrow hooked up to the Grillo. It does a beautiful job of working the top of the soil and lightly packing it for a very nice seedbed.

We have so much to do and look forward to the new things ahead. The Tobacco barn roof repair is going to be squeezed in between the last few butchering sessions and all the spring work ahead.

And I still have painting to do!  Now I am off to start the last batch of stock from todays birds. Take care all and keep safe, take the time to look around you and of course count the blessing you have been given.


  1. How will you keep all of those birds out of the garden? Looks like you are ready for spring. I look forward to seeing your garden mature and produce, as well as how you preserve the harvest. Happy Spring, Fiona! Blessings, Fern

  2. It all looks so wonderful! I know what you mean about the turkeys. The only poultry that I don't get attached to are the Cornish Xs - turkeys are such interesting creatures.