Friday, November 18, 2016

Video Friday....

We get up early and totter off to bed each night wondering if we are going to get everything done around here but I decided to make sure I take more photos and videos for the recording of it all. Here are some of the activities!
 The young turkeys have been so different than the original poults we brought with us from Virginia. We think it has to do with the fact they arrived in summer and spent very little time in a brooder or under a heat lamp. They got out to run around outside quite young and never looked back. We lost two to predators before they got smart and big enough to stay in safer areas. They have always loved to climb the trees around the yard and often venture way up into the big oak. Their favorite to play in though is the Eastern Bean tree. Each morning there is tree time!

 I wrote about the house chick way back in May. She has turned into a lovely little hen, golden and plump with a real chicken attitude! She has started to lay and we have started transitioning her to the chicken house. I thought she might have difficulty....nope she loves it and has been charming her way around the rooster's. Red is her favorite but she also likes Henry. The two of them spent quality time in the trailer load of leaves and chicken house cleanings we had mixed to put on the south garden. We left the load on the trailer for several days so the poultry could rummage through it.

 The kittens and the Momma cat are still here and now are part of our entourage when we go to the fall garden to get greens. They all troop out, tails in the air and happy to be sniffing the air for mice. They will let us pet them for about 5 seconds now before they decide its an infringement on their feline rights! They hunt in the barn and sleep in the sun with the chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Henry is the young Buckeye X Australorpe. He was hatched at the first of June, now he is starting to get his crow in pretty fine form. He is also getting better about wooing the hens and not chasing them for miles. Butchering the 8 has helped things settle down again. We like this young boy.

Now its back to work, I am baking bread today and puree'ing pumpkins.

It is sunny out and just a lovely fall day. God Bless you all and be safe.


  1. It is so much fun to see videos! Is that our LLFP? She is so lovely! Your turkeys are wonderful, too.

    1. Yes it is 'Her Ladyship'. She is in the house right now, I went to go and get a turkey to thaw and she marched in when I opened the door. She really is a marvel!