Saturday, January 7, 2017

The New Year and an Apology

2017 has started in a rather trying way. We have been evaluating 2016 and are working on the plans for a new season of gardening. I am not sure why but it just seems difficult to get motivated. Ralph has his plans for all sorts of things and I keep thinking of the overwhelming Weed problem we ran in to last summer.

It was discouraging to get only a third of the Irish potatoes out of the ground before the weeds took over and the ground simply got too hard to dig. We had great success with the corn and herbs, the peanuts and the squash were wonderful. Carrots and peas...something I really need to have in our food stocks were both dismal failures.

The chickens were and are doing even better than we had hoped. The Turkeys are a mix of success and tragedy, however the ones we butchered are the best eating I have ever had. The ducks...well they are the comic releif in the barnyard. We have never quite got around to actually butchering any but I love their eggs for baking.

I have been terribly bad at getting a blog post together.  I am sure the sunny good nature of my dear house Chicken....Little Lady Fluffy Pants will tide me through the doldrums of the past holiday season. [She has mysteriously gone off to lay her egg.]

I have yet to figure out how to add photos to the blog from this IPad so bear with me on that.

I apologize for the lack of posts and I know I will get back to it. I have some wonderful photos of our Turkeys roosting and the snow marks from Spike flying of the deck rail in the morning. Now be well and God Bless all of you.

May 2017 be a year of renewed hope.


  1. No worries about the lack of posting, ma'am. It's only a hobby, after all. Good luck with the garden & with how to upload photos. :)

  2. Fiona, I've gone through the bah-humbug of posting, too.

    Weeds are a pain but I've figured that it is ground cover and will prevent evaporation. And the only time I should be really concerned over them is when I've got seeds starting so they don't choke the seedlings out. The faster growing plants like beans will generally choke out the weeds anyways. But I do keep an eye out for the nasty weeds like puncturevine or thistle. Those have to go right away.

    Hope you have a great gardening year! I'm looking forward to the season to start.

  3. The lack of sun can be pretty debilitating. Also, you need to give yourself a break - you and Ralph have performed miracles with just having moved into this farm! Every year is a challenge of one sort or another - you will find your natural cadence. Give LLFP a hug for me.