Thursday, February 9, 2017

Guy's Can Be Stupid

Guys can be stupid, and stubborn! We WILL NOT ask directions, and we INSIST things be done our way. As an example, we have mentioned we use wood heat via a wood burning cookstove. We love it and its efficiency. And I am an example that a guy can and will put a square peg into a round hole. I am proof that it can be done.

We can add wood from the top or the front of the stove. The front is best, but not the easiest. You have to get down to the floor level and push it straight in. From the top, you just “drop” it in. Well, I like the wood “full length”! And larger in diameter. A guy thing, I guess. Well, I was putting in the wood. My piece was a little longer and a littler fatter. It was almost in. Just an inch or less to go. I pushed and shoved and hammered. It was on the charcoal/ashes of previous wood. If I just push down and forward, it will go in. I was pushing and shoving. I added a twist. It just jumped forward and in and down. With my hand in tow. My wrist landed on the hot stove top. I got burned. Not badly. Looks worse than it really is. But I got the wood in and I did it my way!!!

I finished up and went and got my Burdock salve and put it on.

It wasn’t bad painful. It wasn’t tender. And the salve seemed to take the heat out. As good as new. Or so I thought. It didn’t like being rubbed. It was tender to rubbing. The cuff of the glove hit just right. (No glove on while putting wood into the stove as I usually would have.) And the sleeve of a jacket or long sleeved shirt hit the mark just right. Hand in the pocket was not the proper thing to do. The burn was not a problem until it was rubbed. I decided it needed to be covered at certain times/situations. And we had no bandages of the large enough size left. Fiona to the rescue! And this is where all the male readers will depart for EVER.

We had no bandages large enough. Fiona to the rescue thing. You women will recognize the bandage. It is one of the woman things we guys never get close to. We know nothing about this stuff. She put some B & W Ointment on the pad. She put the pad over the burn. And then she wrapped it with Vet Wrap (maybe from 3M). I guess I am the first man to be caught wearing a woman’s pad.

Now, am I man, woman, or animal. For Fiona: all three. Works for me. The wrist: it is not tender. I can touch it. I just rubbed it vigorously (through/over the bandage) with no problem or semblance thereof. I don’t wear the bandage except when I am going to be doing something that might involve rubbing of the wrist. The wrist feels fine. There is a little infection from all of the initial rubbing. Nothing we are concerned about. If I am not getting it rubbed, there are only two areas of notice (not concern). One is when I have the bandage on. Sometimes, it will itch (as in healing). The other area is heat. No bandage – open wound. I am putting wood on the fire and the heat of the fire hits the open wound. Oh, YES! I’m not suppose to do that. It is now tender. Compare to a body burning in hell, only not as bad!

The salves/ointments came from the Amish store. The burdock salve was $22.00. The B & W Ointment was $17.00 . Both are great. Fiona uses the B & W on the poultry wounds. It works great on them as well. She has saved several hens that we thought were lost.

Well, life goes on. And that live and learn thing? Not for guys. It is still my way or the highway. We are still stupid and stubborn. I still am forcing those pieces of wood in. The problem wasn’t me, it was that twist thing I did! Besides, I am protected. I have that pretty blue bandage on. And that pad thingy. I don’t have to worry, all real men would have stopped reading way up there where I mentioned that woman thingy. They won’t have realized how well it has worked. And I am not going to put THAT in any mens magazine!

May God keep you safe from yourself and others.

Ralph and Fiona (My Doctor – par excellence)

And just for fun....a poultry video 


  1. Just for the record, in Red Cross emergency medicine classes, instructors will tell you that sanitary napkins make wonderful bandages. And we always had a few in the first aid kit on the pumper I drove. But to be fair, I haven't seen anyone else wear one on their wrist, though. :)

  2. I think you come out even in the "guys can be stupid" you were smart enough to wear that special bandage when warranted. Lots of fellas wouldn't. Heal quickly & well! j

  3. We've been using those for years. My husband takes a blood thinner and a band-aid is a joke around here.Good job!

  4. Yeeeouch!!! Another ointment to add to the arsenal is colloidal silver gel. It is amazing for burns - no scarring, no infection.

    I'm interested in what kind of ailments Fiona used the B&W for on the poultry.

    Prayers for healing! Bless you both!

    1. I used the salve on hens that had been cut by roosters when we had too many roosters. The cuts were deep and much of the skin torn away from the muscle.
      The salve (Burn and wound) is sticky and stayed on the injuries without a bandage. It worked beautifully. I also used it on a turkey who was hit by a car. His back had a big cut, the ointment seemed to start the healing quickly, good new tissue growth around the edges appeared almost immediately.

  5. Well, your burn sure LOOKS painful! And, yes, those "pad thingies", both thin and thick, have been used for many different applications that you won't find spelled out in any advertisements for them! ;o} (Just be sure to guard that burn against infection. Tea Tree oil would be good.

  6. My Dad was the one to tell me that every first aid kit (especially hunting FAkits!) should have both sanitary napkins & tampons (bullet wounds?).
    And my Dad was a guy. ;-)