Friday, November 16, 2018

Our First Ice Storm

It's a sparkling, tinkling wonderland outside this morning. We had a small ice storm go through. Officially our first ice storm here. We have had freezing rain before but this was heavier right from the start. It is beautiful but I could hear tree limb snapping in the woods to the west as it got heavier.

The trees across the road have broken tops and one of the willow around the pond has broken off at a fork. There are tree branches drooping everywhere. The sun is working its magic though and the sound of falling ice and water is everywhere.

Our Old Oak is fine, although it is rather still bears scars from a severe Ice Storm years ago and I worry about it during any storm. It is the tree of my heart!

 The Oak

 One of the Maples in front of the House

 Looking South East

 The Flowering Quince, it will be blooming in December, it continues to amaze me with its beautiful pinkish flowers in Spring and Fall.

The view toward the Park, so bright and sparkling.

It is lovely and crisp out, the chickens are glad its sunny today, they do love to roam to forage and bad weather means storm stayed in the barn. Even though the barn is big and has lots of things to scratch it is just NOT grass and stuff out on the farm!

The new chicks are turning into wonderful young pullets and if your looking into new hens you really might want to look at the New Hampshire Red, we are very impressed with our Accidental Hens. They are very friendly, growing well and are sure free ranging. They are uniform in size and a lovely red color. They are sassy too and always come to see if we have feed and demanding if it is time for a snack.

Now its time to go and clean the barn. I have more blogs in the works, and as winter nears find I am doing more inside again. I do love being outside in good weather.

The cattle are fine and we are enjoying milk every day. Life is good.

God Bless you all!


  1. The aftermath of ice storms is always pretty to look at, especially in sunlight, but the potential for damage (trees, power lines, etc) outweighs any possible enjoyment at the sight for me.

    1. We had to go to town this afternoon. It made me realize just how lucky we are. We were unscathed but there were a lot of trees down.
      When a person looks at the oak when its leaves are gone you can see it must have been terribly damaged from an ice storm in 2006. Many big limbs are blunted with chainsaw cuts. It must have been reduced to half its glory.

  2. Ice in trees is so beautiful (if you are also blessed with sun - something we are in short supply of, up here) as long as you don't have to drive in it! That oak is the most beautiful tree! So glad you are still enjoying your lovely life with Ralph, et al. I meant to ask what you do with all that wonderful, creamy Jersey milk?

    1. Well everything we eat has gobs of butter or heapa of whipped cream.
      We do calf share but still have yogurt frozen in deep freeze and we have butter ahead. I am becoming a butter snob. There is no better butter tha butter beaten by my better half😂

  3. Oh my, an ice storm already? They are a bigger problem in my part of the country than snow storms. I figure we're probably due for a big one this year, one that will knock the power lines down.

  4. It did seem early, most of the oak trees still have leaves. We were glad we could put all the livestock in the barn.

  5. I understand your love for your trees. Our red oak also was covered in ice, as the branches touched the ground I prayed they didn't break. Reds are really good free rangers, I enjoyed them in our yard. Have a wonderful day.

    1. How awesome to hear about the Reds from someone who has them. Originally I come from up north in the plains where trees are far more rare. To live here now is tree heaven to me😋