Sunday, August 10, 2014

5 Blog

I was going for my daily fix of Punkin's Patch and found a fun set of images. She had Posted photos with at least 5 things in them. I thought what the heck. I have a huge set of photos taken from all over the place..this should be easy!  Humn...I have huge set of photo's with two, three or maybe 4 "things" in them but 5 or more....sigh!

Here are my "5 things" shots..I hope they qualify and make you smile. They come from all over the place with a wide subject matter.

#1   This was taken at the Cabela's Store In Ft. Worth, Texas. The mounts are all of different species and were there just to view. If you have never been to a Cabela's take the time to go. The stores are amazing with everything from aquariums to furniture.  They also sell a confection called Moose Poo! You don't have to buy anything there is just so much to see. However they have outstanding quality clothes and  outdoor gear....well they  have almost everything you could want!

#2    Tulips next door. Our neighbor has an old flower bed they are gradually removing. I find it sad as the flowers were so beautiful and they had varieties that were in bloom at all stages if the  year. I took this photo of tulips in the old bed and they were simply so lovely! They are gone now but I have this image of them.

#3   Ahh our colorful potatoes.  There are Adirondack Reds, Pontiac, Kennebec, All Blue and Adirondack Blue in this photo. I was lucky to find the peice of gingham to put them on for this picture. I love "tater's" and this pic is so full of bright color! How can you have plain potatoes after growing these?

#4   Wild Turkey' took me ages to get this photo of the wiley birds. I have lots of photo's of one or two Turkey's but group shots are a challenge....I am always amazed at how fast they walk! Heaven forbid they see you.....then the dispersal rate of flying and running turkey's is spectacular!

#5   Daffodil's are the happiest flower don't you think? I took this photo through an old cedar fence and it turned out do nice and bright. I make calendars with photos I take around and about, they are the Christmas presents I send to friends and family. This photo is going to be April!

 #6      Last but not least...our Peppers are finally starting to show some sign of making peppers!  This is the Orange Pimento which will be of course orange. They are a smaller bell shaped pepper and have thick walls and are a very bright orange when ripe. They add a wonderful splash of color to our garden and of course to salads and pizza and all sorts of things!

Now take care everyone and good luck with the "challenge of 5"!

"Thank you Punkin's Patch for the fun idea"


  1. I did enjoy..especially the turkeys

  2. Yikes! How did I not know about your fun blog??? I get people's names and blog names and ravelry names all mixed up and I guess I thought you were someone I was already following. Glad I decided to check. Nice blog!!!

  3. I am glad you enjoyed had the awesome idea!