Friday, August 8, 2014

Tales of a crazed Tomato

Crazed tomato you say? Are they not simply vegetables? Unable to do much more than convert water and sun into growth of some sort, raise fruit, go to seed and then add to the organic content to our world?

Well I can say from watching the garden this year some plants have a mind of their own...really!
Several posts ago I wrote about two interesting plants we have tried this year, one was the Orange Oxheart Tomato. It is the most unreal tomato plant I have ever had anything to do with.

I believe when I posted before it was  just starting to climb the trellis. I teased Ralph unmercifully when he built the trellis as it was way too high. I was wrong! Here are some more photos as the OO, as we refer to it, has continued to grow.

The last photo in the previous plant post was taken on June 17th of this watch this plant grow!

June 21st... A nice normal healthy tomato plant, growing well and a good dark green.


 July 4th...we noticed at this point the plant was developing thick stems, very thick and heavy as if it was going to be strong! It has also started to have a few blossoms.


July 10th.  Now it is not just getting taller but it is getting bushier and has more flowers tucked away in the foliage. There are now some tiny tomatoes showing up. Ralph has been tying it to the trellis with a thick wool as it is getting to be a heavyweight plant!


July 29th....note the red arrow is pointing at the top of the trellis. It is 8 feet off the ground. The Snow Cap beans have decided the OO is just right to climb so now we have beans and tomatoes in a crazy mass of green! The more we look into this plant wall the more tomatoes we find and they are getting big! Not even thinking about getting ripe but they are getting big!


August 7th. The end of the trellis has the plant can't go up so easily but now it is branching out. If you look closely you can see two tomatoes out front. They have weighed the branch they are on down enough so it is sagging out of the main plant's sheltering leaves.


The best part of all! This is what is under all that plant! A herd of huge green tomatoes. We think there are about 15 of these big ones and there are lots more in various stages of growth! We are anxiously waiting for the first hint of color. These will be orange! Ralph thinks these weigh in around 1.5 pounds so far.

 The trellis wire is starting to sag under the weight! We so enjoy going out to see the OO as it continues its quest for tomato perfection or at least Tomato size! I look around the local gardens and wonder why everyone else has "normal" tomatoes, determinate vines and small tomato cages or trellis's.  We suggest living dangerously...go heirloom, go indeterminate, go Orange Oxheart!


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