Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Apologies and explanations

Wow have we been on a roller coaster this last few weeks.
I do apologize for failing at the 30 days of Thankful. It is not because I have not got LOTS to be thankful for but the sale of the land has been at the forefront of everything.

We have had an agonizing soap opera/drama/ nightmare time with two potential buyers that has been on again off again since early August.

We had accepted an offer in August, made plans to tour farms, got excited and hopeful and had it all come crashing down when the buyer backed out. Then he was interested again, then not, then he had work problems...we heard everything. Meanwhile another man who has wanted the place for years but never wanted to pay much for it reappeared on the scene.

The interplay between all the parties from seller to buyer, through the realtor and such has nearly driven us crazy. We finally had had it with the on again off again guy, he had told Ralph he would call on the 28th of November with all the pertinent information and we waited patiently for a did the realtor....all was quiet, not a peep. Ralph finally phoned on Saturday to get voice mail, he politely left a message. Not a word in reply.

Well enough is enough. Ralph called the other guy. He [ Ralph] said what we would take and much to our shock he [the other guy]agreed. He said it was time to get to work.

So now we have a buyer, the realtor is working on the offer and paperwork involved there.

Ralph and I are still skeptical after all the rigmarole....we will know the place has sold when the money is actually in the bank!

While this goes on I am afraid our Blogging will be sporadic. However once the deal is done the fun stuff will start and we will blog about the farms we are looking will be like House Hunters on organic fertilizer!

Now off to do some paperwork!


  1. I hope your sale goes through! :)

  2. We hope all goes well on this sell, Fiona. In the meantime, keep dreaming and searching out the perfect homestead. And, get some rest. You're both going to need it when it comes time to move!


  3. whoopee! hope all goes through
    can't wait to see the organic farmer blog postings

  4. Woohoo! The second time's the charm, right? Well, it will be. I know what a relief it will be for you two to finally put all that research to practical use. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.