Monday, December 22, 2014

Seed Resource links to start the new year.

I though I would do something simple today and share our favorite seed sources.

In no particular order:

Seed Savers Exchange
We have had wonderful results with seeds from this place. Good germination and fast service. Then wonderful plants as an end result.

 Dave's Garden
We use a lot of the guides from this site. There is solid useful information on all things gardening here.

Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center
Bean heaven and tomato heaven too. It gives us wonderful varieties and history as well.

Sand Hills Preservation Center
A true resource for everything homestead. Rare and unusual varieties of a wide selection of plants and poultry. No glossy catalog but lots of information and articles on plants and gardening.

Baker Creek Seeds
A trip through a fantasy land of rare and beautiful vegetables. They are super wonderful to deal with and we have had very good results with their seed. Tasty results too!

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
I am snacking on peanuts that we grew from seed purchased from Southern Exposure. Several varieties of tomatoes have come from them as well.

Wood Prairie Farm
We get our seed potatoes from them and look forward to planting them in a real garden on our new place....we have had good results with our potato pails though so their seed does well regardless.

Terroir Seeds
This place has a wonderful news letter we receive and it has recipes and the like for the vegetables you grow. Solid service and good seed as well.

Annie's Heirloom Seeds
We got our herb seed from Annie's this year and it was super good seed, top germination ad wonderful herbs. The Thyme is still doing well!

Bountiful Gardens
We did not order from them this past year but have an order ready for the new farm. The have an outstanding collection of cover crops, grains and animal fodder. We purchased tomato seed from them before that did quite well.

Pine Tree Seeds
Pine tree is a good place to shop if you want to try new varieties but do not want huge seed packets. We get some of their small packets to sample varieties.

There are always new places sprouting up so to speak and we are always snoopy as to new vareties and the excitment of new things to try.

I hope this helps a bit and give you some Ohhhh Ahhhhh moments looking at veggie pictures!

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  1. Thanks for all of the resources, Fiona. It's always nice to look at a site that was recommended, instead of hoping the product lives up to it's name.