Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thankful for our access to healthcare.

Life is full of challenges. Some seem insurmountable, some seem trivial and some are a surprise.

We are so thankful for the Dr's we have in this country. Yesterday Ralph had a sore eye, some minor burning and irritation. When he went to work he noticed an odd feeling on the right side of his face, then when he was trying to eat his Oatmeal on the way to work he had trouble with his mouth. He called me and we went to the emergency room.

Other than the strange sensations on his face he felt fine. It took no time at all to get to the Dr.  The staff was wonderful and used humor and a sense of caring and calming to deal with us and our questions. After a detailed and very informative exam by the Physician he explained it was Bell's Palsy that sounds such a lot worse than it is. It is a nerve inflammation that effects the nerves that control facial features. They did a CT scan to confirm Ralph's Brain (a he has a good one) was not involved in anyway.

We know there are problems with health care in this country but we have got to be so thankful the system we do have. Although not perfect it is still the best in the world and I know both Ralph and I are so thankful for it!



  1. Fiona, we pray that all goes well for Ralph. And, you're right, we are also very thankful for the medical services we are able to access when we need them. Blessings to you both.


    1. Thank you for your prayers. Ralph feels fine but the palsy has made his face off kilter. He is playing for sympathy! The Dr did say we were very wise to come in to the ER as stroke has similar symptoms and is so much more severe.

  2. Fiona - i am loving these posts and find that when i read them, i shake my head in agreement and say to myself, out loud (because i always talk to myself - bahahhaha!) i nod my head and say: 'yes, yes i agree"! thanks for re-reminding me of all of the things that i am grateful for, too.

    your friend,

  3. I have the same sort of myself. One thing about our trip to the ER, when they gave Ralph the all clear to go home he Thanked th Dr and told him how much we had appreciated the extra time he took to explain things. He seemed surprised to be thanked personally. We also told the sweet nurse she had been so nice and she was doing a wonderful job! We need to let people who go beyond what it expected know we recognize the effort they take to do a great job.

  4. oh so happy it wasn't a stroke
    My husband had bells palsy and he had to wear an eye patch for a while but he's been fine for over 30 years since hugs and yes we have the finest healthcare...why anyone would want to destroy it is beyond me...just saying

    1. I am so lucky Ralph has a great sense of humor...and your married to a Pirate!

      Yes there are some problems with health care but the things they are doing to fix it are insane...I wonder if they have ever talked to real ER Dr's and Family Dr's at all?