Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thankful for Good Tools

Today Ralph was home and did not have to go in to work tonight so we spent the day doing things around the house and yard. We are renting and are lucky to have good landlords but....Jerry [husband/handyman] had his 72 birthday this year and when he called to ask how the gutters were we had a flashback to when he cleaned them last....a sad old bent ladder that wobbled horribly as he climbed it just scared us to death! So we said we would clean them for him this year. You could hear the relief in his voice.

We have a very good ladder, It was not cheap but as Ralph climbed up it it did not shake or wobble but stayed firmly in position. I wasn't terrified it would all come crashing down. We yakked away as he cleared the debris from the gutters and I remarked about how solid the ladder was. Ralph said well you get what you pay for. That led to a discussion of tools.

Our versatile Werner Ladder

Good quality tools make such a difference in anything we do and they pay off in durability and last a long time. We use tools a lot in the garden and over the years I have used a lot of tools on the farm. The worst injuries were from poor quality equipment that broke or failed in use. I learned simple things like a good hammer makes a huge difference in driving staples while building fence or a good shovel make digging a post hole a lot easier. Good heavy duty fencing pliers can save you hand and wrist injuries that come back to haunt you as you get older!

Estwing 22 oz Cribbing Favorite Hammer ever!

A good chainsaw, ax, or handsaw makes work go by easier and more safely. As we got the gutters done and continued our yard work we knew we were lucky to have good tools to make our work easier. Yes something to be thankful for.

A Husquevarna Model 61 with an 18" bar...a very useful chainsaw for farm use.

Now be safe out there!

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