Friday, November 7, 2014

Homegrown Thankfulness

The food Ralph and I had for supper made me realize how thankful we should be for the opportunity and ability to have a garden and grow a lot of our own food.

Roast  squash with cinnamon and butter, green beans with jalapenos, baby potatoes with basil made a very tasty vegetarian supper for us. We try to eat vegetarian meals at least four times a week. Until we get our farm and are able to raise a more healthy supply of meat it is a concern for us. We are thankful for a good source of natural farm raised meats we get at the farmer market for now.

As we watch news from around the world we have become complacent with the 'food' wealth of this nation and the massive and almost grotesque supply of food available in Supermarkets.

When we eat our own food we have planted, watched grow and then harvested ourselves it makes us much more appreciative of it and it is a blessing to be thankful for!

Some of the dehydrated goodness from our 2014 garden.


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