Monday, November 24, 2014

Thankful for Seed Catalogs

It came, it came...the first seed catalog of the year! 

This may seem pretty strange to be rejoicing over as observed by a non Gardener but to those of us who grow things for food and enjoyment the first catalog of the next season is a joy and delight. The garden itself is a drab, empty place right now and the wonders it grew are long off the vine and trellis. Everything is waiting for the spring but first we have to get through winter. Seed catalog's help us through tho cold and snowy days ahead as they bring the bright colors and new varieties to the Kitchen table as we plan.

They bring a sense of renewal to us as we go through the pages of vegetable seeds, marvel at the incredible flowers or debate the merits of a new variety of tomato. It brings old and new together in an interesting ballet of looking at the varieties you have tried and loved and wondering about the new things you have not grown yet, do you have room? Will it like the humidity? Does it like full sun? What kind of soil will it grow the best in?

In no time at all the gloom of winter has receded into the glowing hope for spring and the placing of the first order.

Yes we are very thankful for the arrival of seed catalog's, they signal the distant arrival of spring and hint at adventures to come!

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