Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Following a Great Idea...

Mimi at "The Way Grandma Does It" had a super idea. Posting 30 days of Thanksgiving. I asked her is I could copy her idea here at 'Crazed' and she said it would be fine.   I am going to post something I  am thankful for each day. Some days will also have a regular post too.
So here goes.

Day One:
I am thankful for the blessing of great friends and new friends made here in the world of Blogging!



  1. Fiona - that's a great idea and i would love to participate but can't quite commit to every day. i usually try to say something i am thankful for in most of my posts...it's just sometimes disguised and not a flat out "i am thankful for X". my latest post that you left such a sweet comment on is full of thanks for my hubby. and full of thanks for the fact that we save to buy big ticket items and it makes us just that more grateful. i am thankful to have our new kitchen aid mixer, thankful that jam got additional fishing reels, and thankful for him getting me those mussels - yummeh!

    but i will enjoy reading your daily posts of what you are thankful for.

    as an aside - we have an old blue ball glass jar and we call it our "Grace" jar. we write on little pieces of paper and fold them up and put them in. some days we each will put several things in, some days only one. our plan is to open the jar on xmas eve and take turns reading all of the little pieces of paper that we wrote on. that way we will be reminded of all of the things we were thankful for over the year. we only started this last year, so this is our first year doing it and we are excited for xmas eve.

    anyway, long comment, sorry for hogging your comment section. good luck with this daily post of thanks and, like you, i am thankful for physical friends as well as all of the really nice people i have met on the internet. like you!

    your friend,

  2. No problem about the long comment..its sort of a mini post and I enjoyed reading it! I absolutely love the jar idea! I think of how lucky we are every time we watch the news from around the world. We have simple got so VERY much to be thankful for! We work on the big ticket items and the current project is a truly good crock for fermenting. God Bless you both!

  3. What a great idea - and I love Kymber's Grace Jar. I've committed to sending my BFF a postcard a week with an inspirational note. It helps me and she enjoys it. Plus, there is nothing in the entire world like snail mail. May it never go away... :)

  4. Yes 'Snail Mail' is such a gift if we take the time to write letters or notes! There is a delight in getting something someone has written in ink and taken the time and thought to send!