Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thankful for Laughter

I am waiting for Ralph to call to say he is off work and coming home to our little house! You say I thought this post was about laughter and yes it is but I have to work a bit of background here.  He works night shift at the bakery and I try to keep the same schedule. It is 5 minutes after 3  now in the morning.

All is chaos....but it does make me laugh. Yesterday our egg farmer gave us 5 very nice fat young cockerels. His hatch percentage was weird...25% hens 75% roosters. His wife is sweet and she loves the chickens and just cannot live with  eating them. This is great for us. Imagine organic free range young birds for free....well with a twist would be a better description.

We just ran  out of time yesterday and could not process the chickens so we put them in the back porch with lots of cardboard and straw  and they made themselves right at home. This will make you was just wonderful fun to peek out the back door and watch them doing chicken things, cleaning up the spider population and making happy chicken noises!  No crowing at all.

They went to sleep at dusk perched on one of the garbage cans happy and ruffled like they had been 'backporch' chickens all their lives.

Well our young neighbors party on Friday nights and into the wee hours of Saturday morning. They came home at about 2:30 am ....quite drunk! Sigh! Then they decided to BBQ something on their front porch, cranked up the stereo and started to party some more.  It isn't great but at least its not like I am trying to sleep...however the roosters....all the ruckus woke them it is not daylight so they are quite confused! With all the noise it must be morning, right? Right! Well roosters know they are supposed to wake everyone up so they got right down to it. Crowing from all 5...however juveniles that they are the crowing is a dreadful noise! Harsh hacking screeching noise's with the odd crrawkkk!  Now and then a decent RRR uruuuh RRR squawk! It made me was simply hilarious and quite ridiculous as they continued to attempt their job!

Then the music next door stopped...there was a short hushed silence....a voice came from outside....tentative and unsure..."Shawna, did you hear something?"

"Yes, I think so" was the reply, "It sort of sounded like a chicken?"

Miracle of all miracles it was at this point the young roosters decided that humans are crazy and happily went back to sleep! I could almost hear the young couple 'listening' for the noise they thought the heard! I sit here at my laptop still chuckling to myself, the roosters sleep and I think so do the is quiet now for the moment and all is right in my world. I have this wonderful tale to make me laugh and I know it will make Ralph laugh when I tell him. Yes I am thankful for laughter!  Yes and roosters too!



  1. Fiona - i have been scanning other blogs that are doing the "thankful" posts for this month and i must admit i find them all a bit too "contrived". they are thankful for this or that but it doesn't seem like real stuff. you however in only a few short posts have me hooked! i love the stuff that you are thankful for and love the way you describe it. you have a beautiful heart and it really shows in your "Grace". keep on keepin' on eh?

    your friend,

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful the way they are crowing again!