Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful for My Camera

I was going through my computer files today and I got sidetracked. I had started to clean out redundant files and documents and general clutter then I saw a photo. That led me to another photo and soon I was cruising along on a photo journey from the time we arrived here in Virginia to yesterday when I was taking better photos of the twig vase project.

The Twig Vase

It was remarkable to follow our adventures and travels through the seasons all seen through the lens of cameras. They are truly something to be thankful for. Sometimes I think we take them for granted, the digital age has made it so instant and easy to chronicle everything. The camera I arrived here was a little Fuji S700 and it was the first camera I had ever owned that was digital. It took photos all along the epic trip through the center of this country on our way to start this new life. It has been replaced by an incredible Christmas gift from Ralph, a Nikon Coolpix P510. 

 Open country north of Monument Valley, Utah.

As I continued along the photo trail, through seasons, snowstorms and rain. 

A heavy snow last February.
Past old houses overgrown and abandoned, along frothy streams beside the highway I realized how much a camera is more than a snapshot of a moment. 

It is a reminder of where we have been, it makes you think of other things as well...old homes make you think of who lived there. Did children grow up happy here? Did they go on to make their own way in the world. 

A marvelous old house showings its age

A stream captured for many trout have slipped around rocks and crevices while the waters found their way to the sea?

 The Salmon River, Idaho.

The photo journey made me realize how lucky we are and how thankful I am to have a good camera to capture time for me!

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