Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for being able to have a Pet

Now if you have read any of my posts here you know I used to have a small purebred cattle operation and I had lots of critters on the farm, from Horses to a Pot bellied pig, sheep, pigs and cows, turkeys and chickens, even rabbits and of course barn cats and farm dogs.

However now we live in town until we get a new place. We rent and not all places let you have pets but we found this little house and were so lucky they said we could have a cat. Ralph's cat to be exact...he had her in the Highway tractor when he drove truck and I first met him. Her name is Picassa and she is a delight and such fun.

I cannot imagine having no animals at all, they are such wonderful companions. I tend to be a dog person but this cat has won me over. Don't get me wrong I have always had a cat in the house but they were also working farm cats and hunted during the day...and yes at night as I lived in an ancient log house! I think log house = mice, especially in the fall!

Picassa is the oddest mix of pure elegance and absolute goof ball! She is a mix of Maine Coon and Ragdoll. It is an interesting cross as it gives her a triple thick layered coat that I have to brush a lot! Well, tonight was brushing night and she came running as soon as I got the comb and brush out! I also wear a set of Kitchen gloves...the ones that you use with knives! She is not mean at all but there are sensitive places she has a few issues over and the gloves help a lot! I happily set to brushing and she set to purring! She kind of zoned out and lay quite limp on the bed until I got to her tum tum! She just looked at me so disdainfully then took a good grip with her claws as if to say NOT THERE!

Well I continued on and soon had at least a half cat combed out of her....she knew I was finished and rolled over and promptly fell of the bed. She had quite forgotten she was near the edge. I had such a laugh at the look on her face and she just marched of, quite annoyed!

She is always nearby when Ralph is at work and she is amazing at how she can tell he is nearly home, I think she can tell the sound of the car. She will listen, then go to the door and meow and about 5 minutes later I hear Ralph drive up. When Ralph is home I am relegated to second string and she stays beside him like glue.

It is a simple thing but one I am thankful have a pet for company and entertainment. Everyone should be so lucky!


  1. I can't imagine my life without a cat, at least. My DH is a dog person, but over the years has learned that cats are people, too, just more subtle in their actions.

    1. What an excellent way to describe cats! They are not blatant slobbering friends like dogs!

  2. Is that her real tail! Oh my...that is too cute
    Glad you made peace with her since she wasn't going anywhere anyway....
    My 5 kittens are real work...and I mean work
    but who am I tell you about work..Oh I am so happy you have Ralph...he sounds wonderful
    and yes, cats do know when their people comes home

    1. Yes...that is her real tail! When I very first met Ralph he asked me if I had met his girlfriend (Dr at I said to myself) He said he would like me to meet her. I had been visiting with Ralph for a few months by now and had heard no mention of a girl.
      Anyway he asked me to come out to the truck to meet her...I did but wasn't really thrilled. Then he opened the truck door and there was this lovely white cat! Oh how beautiful...a snow white cat. I said. Ralph said nope and showed me her marvelous plume of a tail! Picassa was quite offended to have her backside shown to some weirdo st a truck stop! She is such fun! Hang in there with your kitties and happy Thanksgiving.