Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful for Good Men

I am blessed with a good man in my life now but I have also been married to men that were not the Pillars of Rock that good men are... I can tell what makes a truly good man!

Men have been discussed in some bogs recently, How men are changing from strong quiet resources who lead by example and do whats right because it is right not because it looks good on a resume. Yes changing to something else. Bullies, liars, attention seeker's, men who do not respect women or laws or follow God's rule. Men who are not masculine or strong male role models.

Again I am blessed with a strong man, a masculine man, a man who is gentle enough to take care of a bee that has fallen into water or put out feed for the birds but who is more than capable of protecting our household should the need arise. He has strong opinions and can be stubborn to the point of mulishness, he knows what he wants and works hard to accomplish things. He is incredibly kind and generous, full of little surprises and is always teasing. 

He makes people laugh and can be there if you need to cry. He is however hard and determined and the leader in our home. He is also a mentor to some of the young men where he works, he often comes home with thoughts about how they seek advice on what they need from life, women and their future ahead. They recognize the strength and honest opinions he has for them. He is not afraid to tell them what they need to hear not just what they want to hear.

I think there are fewer men like this all the time. It is a huge loss to our society right at a time it needs more strong men to help boys grow up with the right attitudes. Too many young men have not had the right kind of male influence in their lives. Young women do not have the example of strong men either, how can they make good choices in a future husband if they have no frame of reference.

Yes I am thankful, I am blessed and I am appreciative of my good man. Give your good man a special thanks today...he is a rare thing in this age of the manicured metrosexual!


I write this as the decision is coming down from the Grand Jury in the Ferguson shooting case. The truth will out! It made me think of the  "Good" man Martin Luther King Jr..   How he would sorrow for the modern America.



  1. beautiful post Fiona, and i am very glad that you have Ralph in your life! i give thanks daily for my jam - he is a good, strong, masculine, tender, caring man, too. but are right - there are too many weak men in the world and it is hurting us...but what can men do when women seem to want thuggish criminals and/or metrosexuals. it's a worrisome state of affairs and women need to get their acts together and start choosing good men. there are still a ton of them out there!

    much love to you and Ralph! your friend,

  2. We both have men to be very thankful for and we recognize that!
    Take care you two!

  3. Fiona, this was a wonderful post. You are both so well-suited to each other, it just warms my heart. Bless Ralph's heart for being such a good man, and bless YOUR heart for appreciating him! Hugs, Ilene