Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful for memories

I am thankful for memories. I was watching the wind blow leaves around outside and it brought back memories of my Father and helping him rake leaves to spread over the garden in the fall. I was probably 8 or so and he had made me a kid sized rake that I could use and be helpful with. He taught us that chores are to be done with a purpose and to do them with pride even if they are simple!

My mother did not take photos of such mundane things as raking leaves so the images of my time with my Father are carried in my memories! Yes something to be so thankful for.



  1. you are so right about photos..back when I was a kid in the 50's and 60's people didn't take that many and flashbulbs were expensive
    But I rather like,like you do, the camera of the mind
    I miss my dad so much too...I was just missing him yesterday so much
    he loved autumn
    I love your self sufficiency

  2. Its interesting you mention your father as loving Autumn. It was my fathers favorite season too! He said it proved the world was perfect...interesting words from a tough, independent and unique man. I miss him the most at this time of year! We always were so busy in the fall, putting all the root crops into the root cellar, butchering and hunting to put away the years meat supply. I remember the incredible smell of the root cellar, earthy, rich and with a hint of apples and dust! Dad taught us to take care handling the vegetables when we stored them and I can still 'see' him closing the heavy insulated root cellar door after filling it up. Then dusting off his hands with a satisfied clap!