Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thankful for Simple Sunshine

I think the cat has the right idea! The sunshine patch on the floor is an ideal place for a toasty nap. I am being warmed by passive solar wafting though the living room window as I type. Warm and mellow! Thank you sun!

I think perhaps we take the sun for granted and should pay more attention to it in little ways. Like the first rays of sun slipping over the horizon on a cold crisp winter morning. Dust motes drifting in the air lit by the sunshine as it hits them. The incredible green of leaves as sunshine back lights them in the garden. Or better yet the color sun brings out in the first tomato flower of the season.

  The sun induced stupor new calves get in early spring when they lay in full sunshine is another wonder. Sitting on a porch watching the incredible majesty of a sunset as the great globe drops below the horizon! 

Watching a Child's delight as soap bubbles reflect the rainbow as sunlight  shines through them.  The cottony halo of a babies hair back lit by sunshine. The incredible sun brightened whiteness of high mountain peaks in full sun. The facinating track of a Sunflower following it namesake across the sky.

I am thankful for the joys of life giving its infinite variety. The wonders of the life giving heat and energy are often overlooked so go out and be thankful for  the joys of sunshine. Catnap in a sunny chair or walk along a sunny trail.  Yes be thankful for simple sunshine.

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  1. I always stop and recognize sunshine. Maybe it's because it's been so rare these days. I love watching the cats (and dog) lying in a little heap in the sun. It feels so good on your face and makes you think that anything is possible.