Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Not Gone Just Super Busy

Well I have to apologize for not posting but we are going great guns here.

The electrical work is slow.
The roof for the house has been chosen, Ivy Green metal that will be installed in early November.
The new flooring for the living room is at the flooring place and it will be installed when they come to repair the week.

Ralph had his first successful hay crop, cutting, raking and hauling a ton of loose hay into the back of the barn. Well not totally successful as the rain ruined about 3 tons we didn't quite get hauled fast enough. The hay in the barn is nice and I am proud of the old guy as he has never hayed before.

The chicken house construction in the big barns main ally way continues. We had a lot of debris to clear out and then fabricating to do to deal with a barn built on a slope with NO square edges or lines in it....nothing is level either. I have been taking photos of our progress and will do a post when it is done.

The poultry is growing like crazy, the keets escape on a regular basis but Ralph can herd them with amazing skill! I can see a movie called "The Keet Whisperer" in the future.

We have a temporary run for the chicks near the garage where they spend their days soaking up sun and chasing bugs.

Ralph also had his first successful foray at the Hart County Produce Auction.
I have been canning, freezing and dehydrating like crazy since Friday.
The gas stove and counterspace is pure heaven to work on and with. I can use all the burners on the stove at one time and it goes so very much better.
Today I am dehydrating turnips...the vendor had washed them and they are not going to store as we had hoped.
There are 5 quarts of peppers diced in 1/2 inch square peices (before drying). They are so nice to use that way and look pretty in the jars.

Green tomato mincemeat, chow chow and green ketchup are in the works and our pantry is recovering from no main garden for us this year.

The yard design for the gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes is laid out but still a work in progress.

The office is painted but the rest of the painting is on canning delay.

The basement is turning out so well for jar storage (new jars), preserving storage for newly filled jars and potatoes and the like.

It also holds clothes we do not need now and other assorted odds and ends. It has both an inside entry and outside which is a real joy.

Anyway things are going quite well for all the things we have to do, the place is home and each day shows us something wonderful. The Maple trees are turning the most wonderful colors and the big old oak is feeding a family of squirrels. The mockingbird is trying to imitate the keets and there are Killdeer and Meadowlark calling out their songs.

God bless you all and keep well and safe.


  1. Great update, Fiona, it's good to hear from you. I am not the least bit surprised we haven't heard much from you, since I knew you would be playing 'homestead catch up' once you finally got moved. I look forward to the pictures. Enjoy your work, it's what you were meant to do.