Saturday, October 31, 2015

Turks Turban...The tale of a Squash

October 28th, 2015. A beautiful fall day and the floor in the living room is going to be installed and the curled lino issues fixed along with adjustments to the siding on the house.

We were up early and had everything ready when the contractor called to say he was going to work on another job as the weather was good and it was an outside job. Since he fit us in to his already busy schedule and we have so much to do anyway it was not a problem.

I canned more tomatoes and made apple butter and salsa. Ralph cleaned the chicken house and then went to get a load from the storage unit which we want cleaned out by month end. He asked me if I wanted to go and I decided to play hookey from the house chores and go with him.

He is a sneaky sneaky man! It was the very last produce sale at Hart County Produce Auction. We went to see what they had and you just cannot go to one of these events and not come home with some wonderful buys and terrific produce.

Purple Bell peppers, huge red stuffing peppers, tomatoes of course and the ultimate fall produce squash and pumpkins.

Ralph bought 15 flat white pumpkins for 35 cents each. Two box's of little striped squash of some kind for $2.50  and 3 enormous dark red pumpkins for 45 cents each. There were Pink Hubbard squash and even a pumpkin with strange warts! However in my mind the deal of the day was a big box of Turks Turban Squash for $2.75.

You can see the corner of the box filled with the Turk's Turban Squash in the top right.

They have always fascinated us but we have never had one or grown them before, we thought if nothing else the chickens will like them.

When we got home I knew what we were having for supper....but how to cook it. I researched a bit and found a stuffed Turban Squash recipe that looked easy and straightforward. 

I did have a few issues cutting the top off, the rind is like seasoned oak! I scooped out the seeds and Ralph took them to the chickens who went crazy over them!

I baked the halves, face side down for about 50 minutes in a 350 degree oven. The rind was still as hard as a rock but the flesh was tender and stringless, a nice rich yellow.

I browned lean pork sausage with onions, peppers, garlic and celery, added some bread crumbs and the scooped out squash flesh. I mixed all this together and stuffed each half of the squash. Then I topped it with Mozzarella and baked it for a further 25 minutes.

It was excellent and we had enough for a very good meal the next day when the flooring did get installed.

So that is the tale of a Turk's Turban squash,  they are now on our must grow list and we look forward to seeing how they store over the winter.

We are so blessed to live in an area with a farm produce auction. These auctions are where many road side produce stands get the vegetables they sell. Ask where your food comes from and get out there and try this strange shaped squash that was such a wonderful surprise at our local produce auction!

God Bless you all and stay safe!

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