Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Love Our Oak Tree

  When we first toured this place we now call home I fell in love with the enormous oak tree that sits on the east side of the back yard. It spread a huge patch of shade over the lawn and helped cool the heat of the summer as it seemed to draw breezes.

I talked to the Realtor while Ralph walked the property with the young Amish gentleman who was selling it. On later visits we would sit under the tree with the children playing in the sandbox and the buggy horse grazing in his pen nearby. Visiting with the family and admiring the hayfields. Then when we took possession we hung our wind chimes on a massive branch and listened to them play wistful tunes on the breezes, and strident chorus's when it stormed.

There is a fox squirrel who visits the oak tree and the ducks adore grouping around it and trying to eat acorns. The turkeys fly into the branches and it sends a long morning shadow across the yard.

The wonderful tree is a can see it from all sides of the farm. I love looking back and seeing tree!

It has changed with the seasons and we look forward to seeing it this spring, a sign of the new growing season and the return of its shady leaves. Ours to enjoy!

A peaceful evening

A rainy day 

Fall Glory

Winter majesty

So there you have it a tree blog. I hope to spend hours under this tree over the next few years, shelling peas, shucking corn, reading good books and maybe even talking to the turkeys. There are acorns to rake to feed the future pigs and the wind chimes to listen to. We are just so lucky.....I love our oak tree!


  1. your tree is absolutely beautiful! does it have a name? we had a 76 yr old oak at our house in ottawa, right in the middle of the yard and i made a ritual for me and jambalaoney....we hugged it every morning and we hugged it every night. he was named sam. have you ever seen the benches, either round or octagonal or hexagonal that go around trees? look them up. your tree would be perfect for one.

    sending much love to you and Ralph. your friend,

  2. Not named but titled..."THE Oak". Ralph has designs for a circular bench....and our friends with the willow farm have some ideas too. I love your story about your oak. They are special trees!

  3. It is a most glorious tree, Fiona! I love trees!!

  4. i'm sure you have thought of planting some of those haycorns in strategic places so you have more shade options in your old age?

  5. When we moved up here and carved a place out of the mountainside for our buildings, I had most of the pines taken out around the building sites. But I kept every Maple, Poplar and Oak I could. I love the oak trees. They'll still be growing here some day when no sign is left of my ever having been here.

  6. by the way 'ask jackie' at 'backwoods home magazine' tells how to prepare acorns for flour.