Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Days

We have had our first snowstorm on the farm, first storm of the year and I thought I would share some other firsts.

The ducks first foray into the teeth of the blizzard. They are crazy! They loved it and rolled and dived and waded and played in the snow, outside in the very worst part of the storm. There were ducks sleeping and ducks grooming and yes some duck romance as they are getting hormonal. They went in to eat and drink then rushed out for more quality snow time.

The turkey's were less enthusiastic as they took their first stroll out into the snow, they came out early before the snow was too deep. After stalking around the yard and finding no grass or corn treats they marched back to the tobacco barn with much disgruntled churking!

This little Chocolate hen's expression says it all!  She followed Ralph around and kept pecking his leg until he picked her up. Then she gave a half hearted try to  get down and sighed and just let him hold her, thankful to be off the cold cold ground.

Most of the chickens were in the Tobacco barn and they had fun scratching all over the ally ways and in the stalls. The turkeys practiced their strutting and other than looking wistfully out toward the pasture the poultry weathered the storm really well.

Its wonderful to have this roomy old barn, there is room for them to stay in a sheltered place and still get exercise and do chicken things.

The Buckeyes are always wanting to know what your doing.

Here is the best Chocolate Tom, he was doing a great strut and making the traditional Manly Turkey noises.  They always have to display when we are around and doing things.

Yesterday after the worst of the storm animals started to come out and about. They were glad to see the sun and it really was a nice day. They really miss the pasture though and the turkey's followed by the Buckeye and Buff's made a brief trip out to the Johnson grass but the ice has made it too hard for them to forage very much.

The turkeys came up to the house to see what I was doing and then rested by the maple tree before heading back through the snow.

This morning is dawned crisp and hazy, I took a series of photos from the deck and stitched this panoramic together. The sun is in the east and the building to the south. It was a beautiful winter sight and somehow just made the farm so much more wonderful.

We had no power for a couple of hours but really never noticed it, the propane lights made the house cozy and bright, the option to cook on the woodstove or the gas range was wonderful and we had lots of hot water. The pantry has anything we could really want in it and I got to do some cooking from scratch. Tapioca pudding for me and Cranberry Loaf for Ralph.

There is a lot of snow and some big drifts and the Snow Plow has filled the driveway with a wall of snow we have not attempted to go through but we have no need to go anywhere. We are working on the garden plans and enjoying the wonderful place we have come to live. 

So ends our first severe winter storm in Kentucky, a quiet and strangely fun time was had by most of the critters here. I hope it went well for all of you.

Now here is a short video of the Snow Ducks in the storm.....the quiet sound of snow falling with a clank or two from Ralph putting wood in the stove.

Take care and God Bless




  1. video,! Glad you were all safe and cozy! :)

    1. I still can't believe how much they liked the snow.

  2. Sounds like a nice, peaceful time, Fiona. By the way, I don't see a video, just a blank space. Fern

    1. Humn....elusive video. It plays on Ralph's computer....I checked not on mine though it says it is there. I will redo it asap. Thank you.

  3. Crazy ducks! I had hoped we would get snow, but just more Arctic temps. There is nothing like a good snow storm to make you appreciate your cozy home.

  4. No video here, either, but I love those handsome turkeys of yours!

  5. Update: I reloaded the works on my TOSHIBA laptop but not on my samsung tablet. I do hope it works for everyone out there now.