Friday, February 5, 2016

Fun Fowl Fhotos for February

Yes the crazy weather is getting to me, or is it all the hormonal teenage roosters? I am not sure. Whatever it is I thought is would be fun to do a photo post of everyone and how they are weathering the winter here in Kentucky.

The front step coffee club and welcome wagon.

Red Band the Buff Rooster that follows Ralph everywhere!

A buff hen that knows she is way sweeter than the turkeys! Really!

 One of the Coral Guinea's. We still call them keets although we know they are past that stage and now are young watch birds.

Here are more guinea's, the dark ones are Royal Purple, the photo does not do them justice as they are iridescent almost neon purple. Quite beautiful and we so marvel at their color in the afternoon sun! They look pretty fashionable with the white keets next to them.

Some of the buff's glad to get out after the snowstorm!

Ahh many hands make light work....what about helping hens make light work?  Well entertainment while you try to work. One of the Chocolate hens tries out the new garden cart while Lilac the Slate checks the screw placement...shiny things just fascinate the turkeys!

The palm hens are really friendly and they will sit to have their backs stroked for as long as you can do it. They make happy little faint cooing noises while you pet them.

A Royal Palm in full color as he struts. They really get quite bright colors and it looks even brighter with the white plumage.

Meanwhile  back in the house the cat is absorbing wood heat in her box behind the stove. Okay it is not a fancy cat bed [which she has] but it is a place she  just loves.

And last but not least....we hauled fresh water to the trough in 30 degree weather and the ducks are just so happy!

Be safe and God Bless you all.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. We do marvel at the colors of these breeds.

  2. I need to get some guinea hens. They are renowned watch keepers. Nobody has them around here anymore, although they used to be all over the rural South.

    1. The Guinea's have been a challenge. They are finally starting to be quieter (not less loud but calmer). Ralph has spent a lot of extra time with them so they know this is home. Now they let us know when odd things happen and they rush up to our vehicles when we come back from town, with lots of loud "Buckwheat Buckwheating"!