Monday, April 18, 2016

Things to see around the farm

 At the chickens level....looking for tidbits.

 Lefty, the Buckeye rooster. We had Pancho and Lefty from the Willie Nelson song but unfortunately the wild dog got Pancho who was the bigger but not maybe better rooster. We think this fellow is very nice.

 Mr. Attitude, the more mature of the two Buff roosters we have. Yes he has attitude and it may be his undoing if he does not stop beating the hens up. The Buffs are still more hen aggressive than we like.

 Spike, one of the remaining two Chocolate Toms. Yes we did the deed and 6 toms went to the processors. We kept three Tom's, two chocolate and 1 palm. We have noticed the sudden onset of hot weather is making the turkeys pant in the heat. 

 Meet "Blackback" he is our  main Tom and we think he is a fine specimen of Royal Palm Turkey. He is careful with the hens and they like him very  much. We call him Blackback because the front feathers on his back have no white penciling and are quite distinct.

 The Guinea's have started to pair up. They do not do everything as a group any more and are actually much calmer. This pair is a Royal Purple and a Coral Blue.

 The apple trees are covered in "Pollinators", we cannot say just bee's as there are so many other flying insects. Small wasp's, Bumble Bee's and a lot of other bees that are not honey bees. There are  honeybee's too for which we are thankful. The location of the trees seems to have protected them from the frost  we had.

 Looking almost due south across the park. I love this view, it changes so  much with the seasons and now has that beautiful new green look to it as the trees leaf out!

 A German Pink Tomato seedling, the miracle that is seeds always makes me think of how truly blessed we are.

The first Thai Red Roselle's to sprout. These are going to be exciting to watch grow.

The latest in Hen Spa technology. The ultimate in modern personal grooming treatments, a potting soil dustbath in a bucket!

 Our poor looking lilac bush is a home to butterflies, lots and lots of them. Of course when I have the camera  out there are not so many and the wind comes up but I hope this gives you an idea of how the butterflies love it.

Things are going well here and today sees us doing prep work on the land that the wheat is going on. Of course Laundry is in the works and the myriad of chores we have to do about the farm. There is a lot of happy poultry noise coming in the open window as I type this and it is peaceful. God Bless you all.



  1. What a handsome turkey. I've never seen one like that.
    Sorry to hear about the other ones 🙈

  2. What a beautiful farm! I found myself sighing wistfully, as I looked at your photos. I'm so happy for you and Ralph!

    1. Sighing wistfully, if you ever get to Kentucky there is room for you here. I still marvel this beautiful farm is ours.

  3. Your farm really is beautiful! Our guineas are acting the same. I love the Royal Palm turkey. Our pet hen turkey, Pearl, disappeared a few years back. She was such a pet.

    1. I have to say Turkey's, well maybe its the Heritage Breed Turkey's are really wonderful to have around. They are always around us and glad to see us...almost a cross between dogs and cats! As I answer your comment "Spike" is following Ralph to the workshop, a man and his turkey!

  4. It's a beautiful life :). PS will be following when I get home to my real computer.