Friday, April 22, 2016

Yes we Have a cat.....

There is a critter here that gives us a lot of joy and she gets ignored or at least not mentioned very often. She has been with Ralph since April of 2005 and with us since 2009. She will celebrate her 11th birthday at the end of the month.

Picassa the cat, a long hair cross between Rag Doll and Maine Coon. She is a rescue and Ralph initially got her for company when he drove highway truck. She is hilarious, serious and such good company. She was such fun for Ralph when he drove and kept us laughing in Virginia.

She is an indoor cat, Ralph has trained her not to cross the doorsill and had to when she was in the tractor with him. She has come to think of me as a substitute for Ralph in dire circumstance and I have to admit having her in Virginia was really good for me. I had never not had animals and lived in town so she filled a hole.

Whoever thought to cross Maine Coon and Ragdoll should have their head examined. Her personality is wonderful but she has a horrendous amount of very thick fine fur and then to top that off a long outer coat. She sheds two cats maybe three a year. Ralph groomed her in the truck and even now if I hold up the brush and comb she comes running to be groomed.

Like all cats she loves sun.....and can sit in it or sleep in it for hours.


She helps me iron Ralph's jeans.

She is always perched somewhere looking at her domain.

Picassa helps me with laundry.

 She can sleep anywhere and in any position.

This move has been an adventure for her too. First we got the turkey poults. She was fascinated.

A big new house with lots of light and windows.

She took right to it.

When we moved into the house in Virginia she took  days to get used to it and hid a lot. She paced the rooms, yeowled and was not happy with the new digs. This house though was her home right away. She never cried or hid at all and acted like she had been here all her life. She is tempted to sneak down into the basement though and did manage to get her way once, she came back purring and covered with all sorts of cobwebs and....ikk!  She gets some serious speed up when she plays and has a very favorite place in front of the wood stove on cold days, or behind it in a box.

We got her a cat tower....we have room for one and Ralph has always wanted one for her. She loves it and can watch 'her' farm from the tallest tower through the kitchen window, or sleep in one of the little boxes.

So there you have it. The regular pet on our unusual farm. She has earned her keep and the house is mouse free, she has caught two. I think she likes the fact this is a farm house and will occasionally have some work for her to do. 

She does not like chickens and when Ralph brought a hen up to get treated from a rooster injury Picassa was quite horrified at the very indignity of having poultry in the house....well at least poultry that still clucked!

God Bless everyone and get gardening!


  1. OH she is beautiful! Glad she took to the house right away Ralph has a softie side. ❤️

  2. Cats are such fun. I have had naughty cats and loving cats and crazy cats. Loved each and every one. Yours is beautiful.

    1. She does keep us entertained. She is purring on Ralph's lap completely upside down right now!

  3. She is one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen. I just love your farm!

    1. Thank you, I have always marveled at her brown tail, it is so funny on a white cat.

  4. What a well traveled and pretty lady she is!