Friday, June 10, 2016

Photo Post Due to good planting weather

Well we are dealing with the heat so far and getting a lot done. We decided last fall not to get AC unless we had to and we would try managing the temperature. So far we find going out into heat and humidity much easier than when we had AC running. This upcoming week of high 90's will be a test.

The hens are brooding and chicks are  hatching. I have been finding lots of things to do with eggs.  The house chick keeps us very entertained and does his part by keeping the ants under control!

The garden needs more weeding and the Colorado Potato beetles have found our potatoes so I get to put on the latex gloves and squish them about every second day. In other words life is pretty darned good.

 The turkeys were not successful in hatching turkeys but did hatch chicks and ducklings. We wonder if the Tom's were not mature enough to produce fertile sperm?  This Palm hen loves these chicks and you see the odd little family together all over the place.

 In the heat of the day we do inside chores and I have been sorting out things from the move. I found a Target tote bag FULL of seed packets. It was like Christmas and of course we now have more to plant!

 Our oddest little family, an Australorp hen hatched one chick and adopted this pale colored duckling. We have no idea what color it will be as none of the original ducklings were this color.

 The Oak tree is in full leaf and a joy to see every day!

 Our only Khaki Campbell drake having his morning swim...he has calmed down and is turning into a mentor for our one duckling who is with the ducks.

 Yes they sleep on the gravel and seem to quite enjoy it. Here is a Cayuga drake and his Khaki wife.

And to finish off the tour, one of the sweetest things to see.....chicks in the grass.

They are growing like weeds and run everywhere, the entire flock of all the poultry keeps watch and the other day we heard and amazing ruckus and found the turkeys, guineas and roosters, ducks and hens chasing a stray cat out of the yard while the hens with chicks headed to the trophy room at high speed with chicks in tow.

God Bless all of you and stay safe....


  1. Congrats on all of your new poultry :)
    My girls loved their ducks when we had them.

  2. I love watching hens teaching their little ones (of any type) the ropes. I am about to let the ducks out with the hens, as they have been eyeing all that nice green grass with longing. What a treasure trove - all those seeds!