Monday, July 18, 2011

Cows and an Open gate

A Barbed wire gate is an interesting thing. They come in all shapes, sizes and conditions. Some are fiddle string tight and others lean in a relaxed, lazy way that makes you think they really don't want to be shut. However that is not the strangest thing about barbed wire gates.

Have you ever noticed that cows can smell an open gate? I would think by now after years of dealing with bovines I would always shut the gate behind me. Of course this would be a bit of good sense wouldn't it. I was simply putting out fresh mineral, not a major job but one that takes you into the cow pasture through a barbed wire gate. This gate is halfway between fiddle string tight and lazy leaner so it is not hard to open or close. Did I close it.....of course not. The cows were way over on the other side of the quarter section...laying down or casually grazing the lush bunch grass on the farthest slope of my farm.

The salt/mineral feeder is about one third across the field so I will be able to make the dash, drop the mineral and salt blocks, then  easily make it back to shut the gate on the way out. The funny thing is there is a small hill between where the cows are sleeping and the mineral feeder.  A place where I cannot actually see the cows.

I dump the supplies in the feeder and head back out thinking how well I had done sneaking in and out of the pasture. However as I neared the gate what did I see but several happy kicking and bucking cows making a break for it...freedom yahoo!  There are just somethings older cows shouldn't do, its simply undignified as they buck and  act like rank yearlings!

I have this theory now...I really believe cows can smell an open gate at 50 miles or better. It has a certain tang in the air that makes them rush for freedom and act crazy!  Did I learn anything from this....YES  never leave a gate  open EVER!

Somehow I think the cows are laughing behind my back, yes they know for  whatever reason, whatever day.....there will be another open gate!  Keep sniffing the wind girls!

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