Friday, July 8, 2011

Post One....not a fence post either!

Today I am trying my hand at something new, blogging. I was introduced to this by a great girl who is keeping her own blog "Life of a Farmgirl". Thank you Emily, it has been great fun keeping up to date on the goings on with your farming family.
So this is  my first post.

The word post brings to mind so many different things, Not many of them to do with writing. Most of them to do with hard work, rocks and getting blisters. My first real memory of "posts" is one of childhood. Cutting fir posts with my Father. He  cut his own from a tree covered hillside on our farm. Fir is a challenging wood to say the least. When it dries it is hard. Very hard!
Two years ago I found out how remarkable fir posts can be. These were not treated with chemical but let dry. I was taking down an old part of the corral, a part my father had put in way back when. [1976] There was little rot when I pulled them out of the ground so I thought for historical and sentimental reasons I would use them for a part of my garden fence.  I bent more nails trying to set planks on those ornery old posts than I had in the entire 5 years previous!

Those posts remind me of farm families, they dry a bit with age, maybe get a crack or two, but over all they last forever, each one with its own character and knots. Each one holding onto its shape. Keeping the corral together and hanging on for the future. I hope my blog can be a gnarly old fir fence post for you. Something that reminds you of all that has gone before in our world of farming and ranching and all that is yet to come.

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  1. ahhhh that was good reading every word of it
    but I sigh...I could never send an animal off to slaughter
    especially one with a name and a face
    guess that leaves me a city girl forever
    but I do love to garden, though I don't have much luck growing tomatoes