Sunday, July 24, 2011

Living in the Shadow of The Rockies

This is my view almost every day....blizzards, rain and lowering sky's can obscure this amazing mountain range but for the most part I see this!

The Livingstone Range, a wall of rock running along the edge of the foothills in South Western Alberta. The mountain changes color from dismal grays to brilliant blues and greens. From the special blue of fall with the yellowing and sere grasses... to the blazing white of a fresh, heavy snow in winter. It is endless in its variety. The air can play tricks on the eye as well. Some days the mountains seem miles away in the distance, others almost close enough to touch. 

Some days the rocks are lightly dusted with the first snow of fall. Others crowned with a late snow of spring.  The view takes my breath away even now after living here all my life.  This world around us is so amazing and with our frantic modern lifestyles we no longer have time or take time to simply take in the view.
My blessing here is I don't have to stop and look, the stunning view is simply all around  me.  I wake up and look out my Kitchen window before my day really begins and I see the mountains and the ever changing shades of their glory and know I am blessed with where I live.  Take time to enjoy your world....stop and smell the roses.

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