Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Kind Heart

What does a Marine have in common with a Ladybug Pillow?
This is just a story to make you smile. We were at a Goodwill shopping for clothes that we can use on the farm, t-shirts and such.

I was going through a rack when Ralph waved me over to where he was looking at a bin of pillows and odds and ends. He was holding a big red pillow. It looked like a lady bug. In his other hand he had one like a blue flower.

It looked pretty funny and I really wondered what he was thinking of. We did not need any funny cushions.

Well he asked what do you think?
Of what I asked. The pillows for them. Find one for the little boy.
For who?

Aden's children,  ohhhhh I replied!

So Ralph the Marine was thinking of the Amish children. I smiled to myself as we rummaged to find a third boy colored pillow.
We final found a blue soccer themed one.

Ralph thought these could be used outside under the oak tree and he thought they would like them.

On Saturday evening we stopped by the house for a visit and to drop off the pillows.
Aden stopped his weed eating and Lorena came out to visit.

Ralph brought out the pillows, it was so cool,  the oldest girl grabbed the flower pillow, the middle girl latched on to the lady bug and the little boy dragged of the soccer pillow.

In no time at all they were laying in a pile on the lawn using their "new" pillows and counting clouds, or at least pointing at them!

Happy children, outside, barefoot and playing together. 

Ralph had nailed it, a simple thought when he saw the lady bug pillow.
He has such a kind heart, and a big heart.

As we were getting ready to leave, the oldest girl who is 5, led her sister up to Ralph and very seriously said thank you.

They do not speak a lot of English but the appreciation was there. It did not take prompting from the parents....but was what she wanted to do.

You could tell how please Ralph was with how much they enjoyed the simple gift.

God bless all of you and be thankful for the kind hearts in your world!


  1. You've got a gem there Fiona ...a real gem

  2. It never hurts to do a simple kindness.

  3. Great story, Fiona! You're one lucky woman, aren't you? Blessings.


    1. Yes I am, I worry not enough women realize how good their husbands are, people are so busy and tied up with how much fancy stuff they need. I think the men in our lives are examples of what we are loosing in the way boys are raised now. I am blessed 12 times over!

  4. I, too, have a man like that. What was that song? "A Good Man Nowadays is Hard to Find". The amish kids are being raised right to be so thankful over a small thoughtful gift like a pillow. I hope and pray there are many more boys and girls being raised to be sensitive and thoughtful. Your husband is a real gem....but then, so is his wife.

  5. What a wonderful story! And a great way to start the morning... with a smile. Thank you and blessings to you both.

    1. I did hope it would bring out a smile or two!

  6. ack. agh. ugh. i am feeling worn out and now reading this makes me feel like a big sucky-boo-boo. what a strong man you have Fiona. what a wonderfully, incredible STRONG man that you have. i will have the sweetest dreams tonight because of this post. a sincere thank you to both of you.

    your friend,

    1. We all feel exactly as you do every now and then. Then our strong men do something just right and everything is better. Bless both of you and if you see a Ladybug Pillow grab it!

  7. That is so beautiful!! Great fella, wonderful heart!