Monday, August 3, 2015

Food Surprises

My first food review....we have been eating far too much commercial food with the traveling we are doing!

I have learned something from this....I am a better cook than I thought. We eat far less salt with home made meals and the food has better flavor, fills us up in a  better way and delivers energy to work longer.

However "Pickle Me This"...have you ever had deep fried Dill Pickles?

I have seen them, batter covered, greasy looking and rather soggy spears...not at all appetizing to me! We are trying to get to know the local business's and we decided to eat at one in Cub Run itself.

Nana And Papaw's. An unassuming little place with everything you could want in a little old building in a tiny town!

We still have to find out what Salvage it separate or does it mean used DVD movies?

This is pretty obvious!

But now on to the report.
The menu is full of basic choices but it has appetizers with Deep Fried Dill Pickles and Mozzarella Sticks in the selection.

A very nice young woman waited on us and we asked about the deep fried dill pickles. She said they were fabulous and she was not just saying that! They are one of her favorite things and she tries them wherever she goes and these really were the best ever!

A Cheeseburger with a side of the Deep Fried Dill Pickles...simply outstanding!

We tried them and it was a revelation! For one they were not spears but thin slices of dill pickle. Homemade Dill pickle with a sharp bite that only good dills have! The batter was light, almost like a tempura, with great crispness to it! I was astonished at them! Gourmet quality in a small town! You could tell they treated their deep fryer with care, there were no odd bits or strange flavors from a deep fryer that does everything! You could dip your dills in a ranch dressing but I have to admit I preferred them plain....they are excellent with Ranch to but I think I am a purist!

The following Saturday we went back and I had the dills with a cheeseburger.  Simple but so good and the Tomato slice came from a real garden variety and was so much better than the cardboard tomatoes at commercial chains. The onion slices that were on the burger and came with Ralph's Pinto bean were awesome, just the right sweetness with a hint of heat and oh so fresh and crisp!

If you ever get to Cub Run.....don't hesitate to stop at this little place and make sure you have the Deep fried Dill pickles...if nothing else! They are a food revelation to this skeptic!


  1. love salvage stores. usually from insurance companies that have paid for a damaged shipment and sell the undamaged portion to help make up the cost.
    when we lived in okla. went to one all the time. great stuff cheap.

    1. Thank you for the explanation. We will explore those options when we have more time, there are several consignment stores nearby as well.

  2. sooo glad you have a nice mom and pop shop nearby that serves some good food for when you are at cubrun and just don't have the time for cooking. we have a few little places in our little town and when we have appointment days it's always nice to stop somewhere and have a "treat". i'm not sure, but i think these deep-fried pickles are a new thing - back in the big city in 2010, i had never heard of them...and in that big city there was every kind of ethnic food available. but we saw them on a menu here in the country and were like huh??? we tried them - not crazy for them but when they are piping hot they are pretty good.

    wanting pics of the house!!!! your friend,

    1. The family has not moved out yet...and since they are Amish I do not use my camera when they are home. We are hoping they can move a bit sooner than the September 1 deadline. There will be a lot to do but Photos will be at the top of the list. (The pickle thing really did surprise me!)

    2. kymber,
      first [and last] ate deep fried pickles in oklahoma about 40 years ago! nothing new there.
      it is also where hot pepper vinegar is on every restaurant table right along with the ketchup,
      where i first heard of and ate chicken fried steak- which is called country fried steak in the north.
      it was imported north and apparently the word 'chicken' confused yankees--they probably expected chicken and steak. so the name was changed.

      the pickles i had were soggy.
      they should have been well drained before battered.
      fiona has found a good thing.
      one thing about living all over the map, you find out how different things are even tho you are in the same country.
      lived in winnipeg a short while. same language, different meaning.
      nurse told me man was 'low'.
      sent husband to see him at 3 a.m. when husband got home from the prairie.
      man died soon.
      where i come from if you are 'low' you are a bit depressed. in winnipeg it means death is at the door!!
      then we moved to oklahoma- the place was full of ku klux klan- and found people frying pickles!
      who knew?

    3. fiona ,
      are you keeping the place set up for gas? seems like a good back up, especially when storms knock out the electricity.
      people in west virginia lost everything in fridges and freezers when a storm knocked out elec. for 3 weeks a few years ago. of course, news only talked about how d.c. was without elec.
      that is when i took a canning course and got a water bath canner . got a pressure canner this Christmas. got to be able to save our food in an emergency.
      thanks to God we have gas wells on the property so canning can go apace without elec.

    4. Yes we are keeping the gas. It is propane but still good in a power failure. I wanted a gas range anyway and the wood was another bonus.

  3. You are now from the south, Fiona, if you're a fried dill pickle eater. I've heard of them for years, but never had any.


  4. Just looking at the hamburger on your post made me want to get one. I am trying to "eat healthy" but sometimes a person just needs a "feel good" meal!

    1. We were pleased to find out the lettuce, tomatoes and onion are from "Nana's" own garden and the beef is from a local farmer who sells grassfed and Nana gets her patties from him....I thought it might have been as it had flavor! It is hard to eat healthy and we look forward to getting settled and the kitchen set up again!

  5. You just made me so hungry! What a cool shop to have in town!