Sunday, August 2, 2015

More Photos

It seems we are just traveling all the time now but it is worth it and we know that once we get settled traveling will not be done as much. We do want to be home bodies in the worst way!

Images from the latest trip.

 Moonshine over Bluegrass country at 65 mph!

The Interstate system has done strange things to travel...faster for sure but you do not see as much country as you would have. I do love the cuts though. The sedimentary layers of rock bared to the world as you speed by.

The speed hinders clarity for photos but I keep trying anyway!

 The roads are in great condition and we try to travel early to avoid the worst traffic.

Then we get to the farm, set by the pond for a bit and watch the glorious colors blend in ripples!

Here is a panorama I stitched together.
We are at the top back of the property looking due south.
You can see forever!
The land slopes off to the back from here and there are three to four acres of good pasture and a bit of woods and rocky terrain below where we took this, it will be perfect for goats and sheep!

The plants we have moved and planted are doing well, I will harvest peppers next trip. We learn more about the community each trip and meet more people. This is a very nice place with gardens every where and a sense of community we are continually surprised by!

Now to work on a land design layout for the fall garden and to price out flooring for the hallway.

Take care everyone and be safe!

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  1. Such exciting times, Fiona! Can't wait to hear (and see) the process!!!