Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pedigrees and Paint Chips

We are so busy the poor blog is somewhat neglected. The family moves out on the 29th, that date took a lot of stress out of our world. We spent 4 days last week at the farm and looking up hardware stores, paint, veterinarians, propane providers, Internet providers and talking to the post master of the tiny post office in Cub Run.

We stopped at an Amish hardware and home supply store and it was a delight, no screaming children, no pushy salesmen and all sorts of good stuff....plus the young Amish gentleman KNEW his store, where things were, what he had and how it worked or if there was something better. We talked paint and flooring and he gave me a giant bundle of paint chips.....he had a wonderful smile on his face when he handed it over! I have been going through the paint colors and I am staggered at the selection and the names!
How does food permeate paint color?
Apple Pie, Baby Vegetable, Baguette, Coconut Crumble, Egg Noodle, Fresh Cream, Marzipan, Pound Cake, Spice Cookie are all paint colors and that barely scratches the surface!

This is spiced cider....I like it.

This is Grape Soda...again food is mentioned!

I wandered through the paint chips until I was simply overwhelmed by the selection.

Other projects loom. We have decided to get Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep, they are not a common breed yet but so suited to our plans and this land. We are now on a waiting list with Lonestar Barbados Blackbelly and waiting for their lambs to arrive.  These sheep are hair sheep and do well in heat and humidity, they do well on poorer quality pasture and are parasite resistant. Plus I love their color!

A lovely Lonestar ewe.

I received a wonderful email today with sire pedigrees. I used to breed Cattle and Horses and the practice of breeding stock is something I am fascinated with. We felt that breeding and raising purebreds would allow us the meat we want and the potential to help improve and increase the numbers of these Sheep. They are so suited to homesteading and small farmstead requirements. Now I can put my brain to work learning about this breed, it's standards and the bloodlines I will use to make our mark such as it will be, on these fine sheep.

So as you can see a person can mix paint and read pedigrees and enjoy both! Maybe there is a color that would suit these sheep.....say Barbados Beige!

Now I had better get back to work, this week I will finish dealing with the deep freeze, we have used as much as we could have but there is still a lot of squash and of course tomatoes.  12 days until we get the keys to Cub Run!

Take care everyone!


  1. It always takes a while to get things squared away at a new place. But it's fun getting to know the area and the people.

    1. We are amazed at how wonderful and friendly this community has been so far. This past trip saw Ralph leaning over the side of our utility trailer with three Amish farmers....all talking a mile a minute about the Grillo 110!

  2. God bless you!!
    happy it is coming to fruition.

  3. How exciting!!!! I love that breed of sheep - and have heard nothing but good things about them. Be sure to check in with us now and then - can't wait to see you in your new place!

    1. I will add the link for Lonestar Barbados. It is chock full of great information and just really nice to go through. Since we are going to have Buff Orpington and Black Australorpe Chickens they will be color coordinated with the sheep!