Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Photo Post

I have taken photos as we travel and of the things we are doing, I thought since today is a laundry day and I am simmering tomatoes I would post some pictures of what we have seen and some of the things we have done.

 At Earthtools, discussing the drum mower.

The equipment all loaded.

 Ralph using the flail mower to clear the fenceline and to start to get used to the Grillo Tractor.

 This is at the highest point of the land, looking south. The hayland is recovering well.

 Queen Anne's lace.....a dilemma as it is considered a weed but the bees and butterflies love it.

 Bullfrog heaven with Dragonfly dreams!

 Tobacco ready to pick

There are scores of these massive butterflies all over the farm.

We are so enjoying the time at Cubrub. It is strange how at home we feel there!

Take care all of you and be well.


  1. That is a very good sign, Fiona. You and Ralph were meant to farm this land.

    1. I wish everyone could get the sense of hope that you get when you have land to do things with! Joy's, hard work, sweat and tears all wrapped up in the rightness of being with the land...

  2. this was your dream and now is your dream! i am so happy for you both! and i can't wait to hear about all of your upcoming adventures!

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. I had not forgotten how much I missed the country, I had just stored it away for a while. Now it is right in front of me. Watching Ralph work so hard and be so happy despite Murphy's law is just marvelous. He has wanted a farm so long and now he is walking on ground he can plan and work the way he wants to....I apologize for rambling!

    2. oh - please don't apologize for rambling Fiona. we have been on our dream property for 5 years and yet still, several times a day, one of us will notice the other one just staring off into space. and we'll say to each other "still can't believe we're really here, eh?" it's so very wonderful to feel that way! and again - i wish you both all of the best! xox

  3. I love photo posts. Especially because this is a very exciting time for you. I'm really happy for you and Ralph. Things are turning out so well, may the blessings continue!

  4. Surely is beautiful up there. I didn't know Ralph was a former Marine. Tell him I send my regards, one to another.