Monday, July 20, 2015

And Now The Work Begins....Part 2

Here is the continuing list of our equipment purchase.

Plastic Mulch Layers About $700.00 Click HERE for a video of a plastic layer in action.

The unit is $425.00, but we got the hitch, a drip tape accessory, we got it modified to hold larger rolls of drip tape, etc. We got the two foot size, not the three foot. It buries about six inches on each side, so you are left with about a foot wide in the middle to plant into. I wanted this for tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, squash, cucumber, zucchini, watermelons, cantaloupes, winter squash, etc. to be planted into. It will help to warm the spring soils, keep down weeds until the plants are established, and hold summer moisture in the soil. Joel looked at me and hesitated. Then he said “No one ever orders the two foot”. I told him that, for me, I was only planting a single row into the plastic. Therefore, the two foot was all I needed. And the two foot is what I will be receiving. 

Aldo Biagioli ETR-5 Cultivator $450

Also got hitch, drawbar, and tool carrier. Sometimes, I may not need or want the power harrow for weeding. This is the back up/alternative for the power harrow.

This requires eight horsepower for operation.

Wheel weight hangar posts $69.00

Debris screen for diesel engines $69.00

This is to keep debris from clogging the cooling fins on the engine. I felt they should have come standard. To me: a design defect! Oh well.

Berta Franco 34” Flail Mower $1849.00

From Joel's website:

These heavy-duty mowers feature a horizontally-mounted drum with numerous sets of hinged blades mounted to it.  The blades “flail” out by centrifugal force (at a drum speed of about 3000 rpm) to pulverize material.  Flail mowers are excellent for reducing mowed material to a very small size for quick incorporation/breakdown into the soil; very popular for cover crops for this reason.  A six-foot tall cover crop can be reduced to 2” – 4” pieces in a single pass and left evenly distributed across the width of the mower.    Because of the time and horsepower required to “grind up” the material that is being mowed, the taller and denser the material is, the slower this type of mower typically has to travel (unlike a Cutter [sickle] Bar Mower, which only cuts material off at the bottom and therefore doesn’t care how tall it is, or a Brush Mower, which will give a decent cut at higher speeds but just not grind the material up much).  However, with the introduction of the Berta (same company that builds our Rotary Plow) brand flail mowers in 2010, this has changed…Berta is the first manufacturer to offer flail mowers with an  easily removable baffle in the rear of the shredding chamber: If the baffle is removed, the mower discharges the cut material in larger pieces, therefore requiring less power, and the mower can be run at higher ground speeds, essentially allowing the Berta flail mowers to double as an effective and fast Brush Mower


If the unit hits a rock or stump or whatever, the flails just kick back with no harm or danger.

I was going to get scarification blades for field rejuvenation. Joel told me not to. He said the tedder/rake would do the same job. Money saved/not given to Joel.

Click here for a short video of the Berta flail mower in action.

Click here for a video of the Berta Flail mower cutting cornstalks.

This unit requires an eleven horsepower diesel engine. 

Zanon 40” Disc Mower $1550.00


From Joel's website:

Disc mowers are ever-more popular for mowing hay with 4-wheel tractors, and now we offer a model for a walk-behind tractor.  These mowers feature spinning discs with small hinged blades on the outside edges which will “fold back” in the event of hitting a rock, stump, etc.   Advantages over cutter bars are lower maintenance and no vibration, disadvantages are higher profile and more power-consumptive, hence not as much available cutting width per tractor horsepower.  On this model for a walk-behind tractor, the two discs with 3 blades each turn opposite directions and toward the center, leaving the hay windrowed down the middle and the row straddled by the tractor.  We have found that the disc mowers are an advantage in regions with highly abrasive soil/high sand content soil: because rains tend to “splash” some traces of soil up onto the lower few inches of plants, the highly abrasive soils will cause premature wear of cutter bar mowers because of the way the blades scrape against one another like a big scissors.  With the disc mowers, all that suffers in these conditions are the 6 little blades, and they are inexpensive and very easy to change.  Cutting height is fixed on this mower; unit runs on ball-bearing-isolated heavy steel “bowls” (for lack of a better term… that’s what they look like!) mounted beneath each disc.  There is no way to adjust these, so you just have to live with about a 2” cutting height.  As with everything else Zanon manufactures, this unit is super-heavy-duty: cast-iron gearbox housing and PTO mounting flange with hardened steel shafts & gears in oil bath.  Has an oscillating swivel-joint in driveshaft housing to allow mower to "float" to follow ground contours. Because the cut material is straddled by the tractor, tractor must be equipped with 5x12x22" tall wheels or larger for adequate ground clearance.

Unit requires eleven horsepower diesel.

When cutting hay/grass, it windrows it down the middle of the tractor underneath. The tractor just runs over/above the hay/grass. It is already in a windrow for easy forking after drying. It is not all beat up by rakes. It may need to be tedded if moisture issues arise.

Molon Side-delivery 60” Hayrake / Tedders $2375.00