Sunday, July 5, 2015

Introducing Cub Run

Here is a photo tour of the Cub Run Farm.

15 acres with perimeter fence and cross fence. A 1500 square foot home built in 1975 with asphalt shingles. A partial basement. It has a small porch at the front and a very nice deck on the back of the home. A 35 by 64 tobacco barn and two smaller shop buildings with power to them. Both in excellent condition, It has and older corn crib/wood shed that needs work. The home is lit with propane lamps and both the range and refrigerator are propane. The stove has battery ignition!
The  land is flat to rolling but has lots of good space for gardening.

So here goes!

This is a mix of our summer photos and the realtor's winter pictures.

Photo #1- This is the very front of the home and farm. The house sits back from the road not too far but the farm itself stretches behind it and cannot be seen from the road. There are flowers and children's toys in the small raised bed at this time of the year!

Photo #2 - The back of the home from near the first shop building.

Photo #3- This is the  yard after you just go past the home.

Photo #4-  This is looking almost straight north from in front of the home

Photo #5- NE looking at the garden. The soil is reasonably rock free which pleased Ralph although I know he would love to have rock free bottom land. The garden was growing well!

Photo #6- Just a bit further to the right of the garden spot, there is lots of room to expand the garden.

Photo #7- Looking alongside of the home, the basement entry is along this side of the home.

 Photo #8-  The garden is behind me in this photo and I am looking almost South west toward the buildings and farm yard.

Photo #9- The bigger of the two shop buildings, it has water and power to it, all the power lines are buried. The young wife does her laundry in this building with a gas powered wringer washer.

Photo #10- The surprised I loved! Three apple trees, no mention of them by the realtor! We were quite surprised at the young Amish fellow though, he said they did not use them but his horse liked them. We could not imagine not using those apples to their full advantage! There are actually 6 apple trees but when the land was subdivided they made the fence line between the trees!

Photo #11-  The back end of the Tobacco barn has a different orientation than the front, the ally runs width ways not length ways and there are doors at each end so the animals can have shade and shelter no matter what pasture they are in. The gates are all new and hung well with excellent bracing. There are support hooks on the opening end of each gate so when you close the gate you lift it slightly to set it on a hook. Such a good thing as it stops the hinge post from sagging as it doesn't have to hold the entire weight of the gate all the time.

Photo #12-  The front of the big old barn. Yes it does need some work but it is still in very good shape. Kentucky is covered with disintegrating tobacco barns as the tobacco industry has become so much smaller. We saw so many collapsing under the weight of vines and brush. We saw some being torn down and salvaged for their lumber. It is disturbing to see a skeleton of a barn, they have so much history behind them but at least the lumber will be used! We did pass one tobacco barn, a smaller one, that had been converted into a home! This old barn has the capacity to house all our livestock in one area and the loft has been converted to hay storage.

Photo #13- The old oak tree. This photo does not do it justice. It is not tall but I could not get my arms around it at all! I do have a strange fascination for trees! I could so see us having iced tea under this tree and watching the sheep,chickens and goats!

We now make plans for a more formal and thorough tour, the family needs more warning so we can tour the inside of the home. I am sure we will find some issues but over all we really do see so much good in this place. We really did not want to leave but we  had intruded in the families day quite enough.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting us at Cub Run! God Bless and take care everyone.


  1. I like it! How long has it been for sale?

    1. It was listed in November of 2014. Personally it is strange to me it has not sold, but I have a feeling people are put off by things like the propane lamps and only a partial basement suited to food storage not a rec room. It is "plain" as any Amish home is but we do not mind that at all.

  2. how soon can you and your tomatoes get in there?
    is it in eastern ky?

    1. The process has just started. ..we have found it, now we have to do a complete tour of house and all the land, make an offer...........
      It is likely we will be eating tomatoes here before closing IF all goes well. Look up Mammoth Cave is about half an hour from the cave entrance but closer to the actual park land.

  3. Posted by Kymber July 5, 2015 at 5:07 PM

    Fiona - it looks lovely! and i am sure that the inside of the house is pristine due to an amish couple living there! i think the house, land and outbuildings are all very workable-liveable. i hope the price is right.

    when we first moved to our land and started our blog, a couple of commenters wanted to know what the asking price was and what we paid for it. i commented back to them that i didn't mind sharing the price with individuals, i just didn't want to broadcast it on our blog and told people to send me an email.

    i really think it is a beautiful property! and that oak tree! to die for! i can see one of those round benches all around the base!

    your friend,

    ** I edited information out of Kymber's original post fot privacy reasons.

    1. Ralph just remarked about a circle bench around the oak tree with bird feeders nearby.
      This coming week will be interesting as Monday is a Holiday for some people [the Realtor] so we are going to have to wait until then to start arranging a formal tour and then........

  4. That's a nice looking place. Lot's of outbuildings is a big plus.

    1. It is a plus and surprised us....they are well positioned. Some places we looked at had buildings all over the place with no plan. We were surprised this young couple had no poultry. The tobacco barn is set up very well for stock. We also liked the fact you cannot see much of the farmstead from the road. The buildings and yard are sort of secluded. It's going to be a long anxious week.

  5. First thing I always ask is how deep is the well and how many gallons a minute and then I taste it. Nothing worse than bad tasting water.

    1. This place is on city water right now, we have to find out more about where the well is and of course how deep and why they went to city water.

  6. Wow! That place looks great! Hope you get your tour scheduled soon, and you feel that click of knowing this is where you will call home.

    1. It is strange...we always feel at "home" when we visit Kentucky!