Monday, July 27, 2015

Views Through A Chipped Windsheild. Part 1

We are travelling our little pickup truck. Today the Clampetts are starting to move things from Virginia to Kentucky! As we head down the road with a load of...........buckets and.......tomato plants most of the world thinks we are bonkers!
We have our utility trailer piled high with the Salvaged honey buckets from the bakery.

Interstate 64, early morning with fog lifting.

We are heading to Cub Run to find a storage unit and then to Earthtools to get the equipment. We have some business to do in Cub Run as well.  We want to go to the county office, find out about things like garbage pick up, find a propane provider and electric company.
Saturday we will spend with the Grillo and assorted attachments, breaking ground for a new garden for the Travelling Tomatoes! (It sounds like a folk music group from the 60's)

As with any Interstate travel...Signs for places to see.

As we drive we plan and of course plan more but this trip was going to take some turns we did not plan for.

The first of many mini storage lots we visited.

There were a lot of storage units dotted about the area the farm is in, we got phone numbers on a previous run. There were so many we should have had a hunch there was a demand....nope we though this would be great,  lots of selection!

We could not find a place that had any for rent. Storage site after site were full and had waiting lists! We were now starting to worry as we still had to get the equiptment.
Finally we found a place in Munfordville,  actually the unit had only been emptied the day before! It is a big unit but priced well (we are used to east coast prices) and has a door on each end and room out front to back the trailer in. We quickly unloaded the seedlings and buckets. The plants had taken some heat damage from the delay of looking for storage.
Now we were late. Ralph called Earthtool and explained, Joel said he would wait and we headed north.
This went well and we had time for a demonstration of the drum mower, it makes a beautiful cut and small swath of hay, just what we wanted. The loading went well.
The trip back was long, Ralph was getting tired from a very long day.

More scenic Kentucky Highway.

Unloading was a challenge as a fair amount of equiptment had been loaded easily with a loader at Earthtool. We are not as young or as strong as we used to be! We were exhausted and pleased at the same time as we locked the unit and headed for the Hotel.
Tomorrow would see gardening taking place on our own land!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes we are finding it pretty exciting despite Murphy's law and incredible heat index's!
      We finally got a good look at the pond as they had mowed around is a wild pond full of frogs and surrounded by willows. No scum but lots of water striders. The willows are full of small song birds and there are amazing dragon flies!

  2. I should note this post, all though posted the 27th was actually started on July 24th.

  3. Making a move is always unnerving. But once it's done, and you get settled in, you will certainly be very happy at your new place.

  4. Let the work begin! Tired and exhausted from a good day's work and you haven't even made it 'home' yet. I'm ready for the next installment, Fiona.


    1. We did so much running around, to beat the worst heat we started driving at 03:00. The small equipment for the Grillo is made of stern stuff, it is very heavy for its size.

    2. We did so much running around, to beat the worst heat we started driving at 03:00. The small equipment for the Grillo is made of stern stuff, it is very heavy for its size.