Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's Official

The sale is compete. After much signing and nervous laughter the Cub Run Farm is ours!
The title search found no problems and because we did not have to finance it the paperwork was straightforward.

The young Amish couple have found a place to rent for now, about 3 miles away.

I have to admit we spent a few minutes together in the car after we signed,  just kind of drained and a bit unbelieving that we have finally got the title to our own, small piece of this incredible world!

The lawyer had met us after hours, the young Amish gentleman had not been able to get time off to get there during normal hours. We had driven from Virginia and, after the signing, decided we would just have quiet night and get to sleep early. (We are battling a cold we got while visiting Ralph's Mother).

We did feel better the next morning and got a good start on the day. We snooped for lack of a better word.

We found all sorts of things:

First we stopped by the farm to check the area where Ralph will start gardening.  He will learn to cut hay right away as this area needs to be mowed before he can plow and till it.  You can see the Tobacco barn at the yard....on the distant skyline.

The town Center Cub Run, KY.

We found a Roofing supplier, and Amish Produce Auction, Lumber Yards and some saw mills. Cub Run has a wonderful general store that has solar panels and kits, small engine repair and seed supplies along with household goods! Furniture crafters and an assortment of small family run restaurants are dotted around the county. We located dentists, optometrists and sheriff offices. Dairy Queen sign's show up in the darnedest places.

We crossed the Green River and it was murky and muddy from all the rain.

It is a big river and looked deceptively peaceful until you saw some of the trees floating down it! There is construction on the bridge over the Green River in Brownsville, the red dot on the following screenshot of Google shows where we were parked when I took the above photo.

You can see the normal color of the Green River and why it is called the "Green" River.

 Kentucky is full of history from 300 year old distilleries to of course the civil war. This historical marker was beside the bridge over the Green River. Strangely enough Edmonson County where our farm is is a dry or prohibition county as is Hart county next to us. As we toured the region we often caught the smell of a is a rich almost oaty smell and not unpleasant.

There were small towns with wonderful old architecture and just too many places to see all at once. 

We knew we liked the area when we first drove down to see the farm but to find so much available and in smaller friendlier ways, we were really pleased. Ralph had not expected to be able to find so much of what we need to get the farm going so perfectly located.

The Amish influence is strong, the highway surface is scored with the marks of borium caulked horse shoes and of course dotted with horse manure. There are hitching rails in town and beautiful farms with no power to them. Clotheslines full of "plain" cloths abound and the farms have draft horses and standardbreds in corrals and paddocks near big barns. You often see small solar panels on one corner of a barn or shop to run a phone.

Of course the country is covered in crops. All sorts of things from watermelon fields to hay, tobacco and of course corn.

We made a list of business and their phone numbers and address as well as the hours they keep. It does seem the the world stops at noon on Friday in Edmonson County!

Now we are back in Virginia and have the schedule of the move in the works. The young  Amish gentleman thinks they will be moved early and so we may get to the farm sooner than September the first but there is still so much to do. We have decided to put the flooring that is in the kitchen throughout the home, then paint is needed in some areas. We are thinking we may put a new metal roof on the home now when we have the time and money to do so.

We found a Nut Tree nursery not far away and I am sure we will be visiting him in the spring. There is a tour of a small farm that breeds Guinea hogs in the works. They are about an hour away!

Several Kahtadin Sheep farms are very is on Cub Run Road! We think we may get a few of them right away to start our meat supply and get the grass grazed around the barns and in the corrals.

As you all much to do and so little time!

Now off to get  Ralph some chicken soup...the first major thing is to get him over this horrid cold!

We are so blessed with this farm and the wonderful finds it is bringing to us.

Be well all and God Bless.


  1. Yippee and Hallelujah! Congratulations you two. Now the real work will begin.


    1. Ralph is organizing and scheduling things for the move. We have been steadily packing so that is very nearly done. The plants are the adventure!


    ok, now i'll stop yelling but i am very happy for you! there are so many things that you are going to want to do when you get to your land and house...but i want to help and say...for a couple of months - just enjoy it. just enjoy it as it is. you have the rest of your lives to make changes and when you get there...just wake up every day and thank our Lord and Saviour for getting you there.

    i send much love. and again - CONGRATULATIONS! this is such happy news! your friend,

    1. Thank you for yelling! ;)
      We plan on tea under the oak tree every morning! We are planing on enjoying it every moment. God's hand is in how this farm came to us and we are able to relax and see it more each day!
      PS: Ralph found some wonderful tree bench design's.

  3. Oh happy day! Congratulations to you has been a long, hard haul, hasn't it? How wonderful to find your hearts dream place and begin planning for your future in it. Big hugs.

    1. Ralph said God had a place for us...we just needed a firm hand to show us the way! It is finally setting in and we are so full of hope. You have had your part too, great observations and comments that helped us a lot.

  4. I sure am glad all went well and you can put that anxiety behind you. I'm very much impressed with the locality you have chosen and I think you did a very good job of finding the right place. I will be following events up there on your land with interest.

    1. Thank you...the land does look good, it is unusual in it really has the strange combination of privacy and access at the same time. When your at the place you feel almost isolated, yet you are not.
      I am sure we have adventures ahead too numerous to count! Thank you for your observations and opinions...we always value input!

    2. Thank you...the land does look good, it is unusual in it really has the strange combination of privacy and access at the same time. When your at the place you feel almost isolated, yet you are not.
      I am sure we have adventures ahead too numerous to count! Thank you for your observations and opinions...we always value input!