Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Garden update just for fun

We have peanuts! Yes our crazy experiment with peanuts seems to have worked out. Ralph couldn't stand it any longer and dug a few plants from the end of the row by the shed and all the plants had some decent sized peanuts on them. The most were on the Red Valenicas! Now we have to leave them in a dry cool place to cure.
Red Valencia peanuts
We will leave the rest in the ground for a while longer as the weather is good here right now. It might seem pretty ordinary to grow peanuts to some southern folk but to this Northerner it is akin to a miracle!

We also picked another 25 pounds of tomatoes and I am making sauce, one batch of just the Sutton White. I think it will be unusual and quite pretty, a pale creamy white with of course flecks of fresh basil and oregano. They are exceptionally juicy which is interesting. My previous batches of sauce have been "everybody in the pool" mixes.

Ralph is busy picking beans right now so they will be blanched and frozen. It really is a delight to still be harvesting from our weird little experimental farm out back.

Dade Beans, they are amazing!

Oh we also have decent sized sweet potatoes and have some of  them dug and curing for winter storage.

I know this winter when it is cold and snowing and I go to the pantry and get some sweet potatoes to bake, cook some green beans and make a casserole it will remind me of the summer and the garden!

Oh did I mention the Pink Banana Squash? I have dehydrated one, there are these three that were ready to pick and there are who know how many still out there...and they seem to show up all over the place. They store extremely well and dehydrate nicely.

Pink Banana Squash

Now I had better get back to work......Take care everyone and be Thankful for our fall bounty and the  blessings we have!



  1. Congratulations on your peanuts, Fiona. We grew some a couple of years ago just to see if we could. They are a very different plant, and we learned a lot. Thanks for the tour.


  2. I am glad you enjoyed the tour. This garden is crazy and has been a surprising success despite so many of the experimental things we have tried!

  3. Just an added note: The Pink Banana Squash has been such fun. The three plants we had were volunteers from the area I threw the peelings last winter. I would recommend them to anyone with a sense of humor. Jut plant them somewhere they have room to ramble,,,they are incredible for vining!