Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's tomato sauce making time!  A saucy update from our garden.

Yes you have seen this photo before, I have however just finished making sauce from a pure batch of the Sutton White Tomatoes. Well worth the effort. Mild and smooth I think it will come in handy when I want to make something like Spinach lasagna or anything I don't really want to be red but would love to have tomato flavor in.

An Orange Oxheart that was an integral part of my orange tomato sauce. It turned out well and is a lovely rich flavor and a really pretty deep orange. It was the same color as this tomato until I added the basil and oregano. The old house smells so "Italian", like I should have a pizza oven in the corner and be breaking out the vino!

Here are some examples of the sauces from our tomatoes...I call the red one "Everybody in The Pool Sauce". It has, well, everybody in it! Zeke Dishman, Vinson Watts, Zapotec, Basin Mountain Tommy Toes, Black Pear, Reisentraub, Peron, Peru, Jerusalem, Grant County Pink, Jack Millar Australian Heart and Worley Red! It is quite a mixture and has an unreal flavor deep, rich and tangy. It is going to be so good in the cold of winter. Just to remind us of summer Tomatoes!

Left to right: Sutton White Sauce, Orange Oxheart Sauce and of course "Everybody in The Pool" sauce!

Happy harvesting everyone!



  1. I imagine all three will be amazing! Wish I lived closer - I would gladly volunteer to help you get through your treasure trove of sauces... :)

  2. Humn....Thanks for the offer, I think.....:)