Friday, September 12, 2014

Little things Like Carhartt's!

Are you dreading winter? Are you ready to shovel snow?  Are you going to be "stylin" and fashionably dressed while your doing it? Of course you are you have Carhartts!
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  If you follow the weather or live in the north you know that dreaded "W" thing is on its way. Yes winter.  Of course we do have fall before Winter gets official but it just zips by as we prepare for the most dreaded of seasons.

 I have lived in real winter country most of my life and now I am out of there and into a region with 4...yes 4...distinct seasons I have come to realize there is something winter people take for granted.  Carhartt gear. 

It is not for the stylin' designs we buy these clothes it is for their durability and warmth that we have grown to love the brand.

I am old enough to know at one time Carhartt's were not cool. Only dumb old farmers wore them. You sure tried to avoid going anywhere in public in them! 

The thing is they last a very long fact the pair I have now has lived through the time when they actually became cool...I have had people ask me how I got them that nice soft faded kind of look and I had to shake my head..its because they are 15 years old!

One thing though...Carhartts were initially designed for men. There are some things about them that challenge the women that wear them. You sure want to get them a size bigger! That has several advantages....first it gives you a chance to layer properly when your going out to feed cattle and it is 20 below with an insane wind chill! The next thing is it gives you more room to do things like reach over your head to pull a square bale into the back  of your pickup truck from the stack. Yes that extra size is a good thing!

There are a few special things about Carhartt coveralls women should be aware of.  The dreaded bathroom break, yes we know women have different plumbing than men and that can challenge us when we are all layered up and zipped in! 

Plan, prepare and don't drink anything before you go out to do lot of chores! Remember your shoulder straps and Make sure your hands are up to dealing with the zippers and straps and general requirements of getting undone! Oh yes something else to remember...WD 40 your zippers by your boots when you go out to feed stock or wade through deep snow to dig out a stock trough...this helps stop the zip from freezing shut and also helps keep them from corroding.

I have fond memories of sitting on the tail gate of my 4x4 pickup, swinging my feet back and forth and watching to cattle eat their hay....watching my breath turn  into mist in the frigid air and marveling at the crystal beauty of winter! Not a bit cold thanks to my Carhartt's!

Yes I can Remember when Carhartt's were not cool! They have always been warm to me!

Now get ready for winter and know it will be followed by Spring in the incredible cycle of seasons that we are blessed with!

Looking west from the cow pasture on the Old Home Place.



  1. you sound like such a happy person.....bless you
    Did you ever think if the cattle would love carhartts...:)

  2. Thank you for the WD40 tip! I have two pseudo-Carhartts - I love the real thing, but my budget chafes. One as pictured, and one as a full body suit. I cannot go through winter without them. They are impervious to blizzards, hail, sleet, sheep pee.

  3. Love my Carhartts :-D. I have a jacket that I love so much that Tim got me a spare one in case they discontinue the tends to happen to me with everything single thing I ever like.

  4. They are also fairly impervious to cow poo! They are not impervious to diesel fuel or Skunk! I do think the cows liked them...maybe not for warmth but they were a sure sign food was on the way!
    What is your favorite winter footwear? I love Kamik Snow Boots!